We know… coming up with yummy and interesting school lunch ideas every single day is hard. That’s why we’re here to help! Here are 32 seriously delish treats your little ones will gobble right up. Not only are they easy to make, but most of them are also pretty darn healthy, too. Hey, we won’t tell if you don’t!

1. Monster Sandwiches: A ham and cheese sandwich is a classic option, but why not change things up and turn that ham + cheese sammie into a monster, complete with olive eyes? (via Land O’ Moms)

2. Veggie Hummus Wraps: This good-for-you hummus wrap is super tasty and packed with veggies. Pair it with some fresh fruit and whole wheat crackers for a healthful school lunch. (via Oh My Veggies)

3. Sandwich Kebabs: Forget the typical sandwich format. Instead, skewer squares of whole wheat bread, heart-shaped cheese chunks, lettuce, tomato and your kiddies’ favorite protein to create these fun deconstructed sammies. (via Eat. Drink. Love.)

4. Coconut Oat-Crusted Chicken Nuggets: All kids (and most adults) love chicken nuggets. Next time your little one has a craving for some nuggz, try this better-for-you oat-crusted nugget recipe, complete with pomegranate dipping sauce. (via Family Fresh Cooking)

5. Peanut Butter, Banana and Strawberry Quesadillas: These sweet quesadillas are an awesome alternative to the classic PB+J. For an extra special treat, spread on a layer of Nutella! (via Ambitious Kitchen)

6. Homemade Fruit Roll Ups: Bye, bye, artificial dyes! These homemade rollups are made with only two ingredients — fresh fruit and sugar. (via Mommy Musings)

7. Blueberry and Pomegranate Smoothie: If your little one doesn’t like snacking on whole pieces of fruit, think about whipping up a sweet fruit smoothie, like this antioxidant-packed blueberry and pomegranate blend, in their thermos. (via In Sock Monkey Slippers)

8. Raspberry Oatmeal Cookies: These cookies look so darn good that we just might make them for our own office lunches! (via Amy’s Healthy Baking)

9. Homemade Lunchables: The allure of Lunchables may be strong, but this unhealthy lunch option isn’t going to make it into our kiddies’ lunchboxes no matter how much they plead with us! Instead, we’ll be creating our own Lunchables-inspired pack, complete with whole wheat crackers and fresh fruit. (via Don’t Waste the Crumbs)

10. Veggie Spaghetti: Those spaghetti noodles are made from zucchini! We can’t believe it either. (via Momables)

11. Veggie Nuggets: These veggie nuggets aren’t made with any mystery ingredients. Plus, they’re an easy way to sneak some broccoli and cauliflower into your kid’s diet! (via Momables)

12. Name Fruit Kebabs: These are too cute. Time to invest in some letter cookie cutters! (via Creative Live Blog)

13. Cold Italian Pasta: Don’t forget to add some color and design to your little ones’ midday meal to encourage them to eat every last bite. This cold pasta meal brings some brightness thanks to the peas and fresh nectarines, and how great are those fruit leather flowers??? (via Meet the Dubiens)

14. Healthy Sour Watermelon Gummies: Not all sour gummy candies are bad for you. Make these sour watermelon men at home so you can control what you put in your kids’ sweet and sour treats. (via Meatified)

15. Green Mac and Cheese: Mac and cheese is a foolproof option, but next time, add in some spinach, broccoli florets and peas to create a green mac and cheese that is both delicious and packed with nutrients. (via Weelicious)

16. Homemade Goldfish Crackers: That’s right—you can make your own cheddar goldfish at home sans preservatives. (via Tikkido)

17. Rainbow Shell Pasta: Rainbow shell pasta is a fun alternative. Top it with your little one’s favorite marinara or cheese sauce. (via The Skinny Fork)

18. Vermicelli With Green Peas and Potatoes: If your kiddie has more adventurous taste buds, send them to school with this vermicelli, made with mustard seeds, turmeric and cilantro. (via Always Hungry)

19. Crescent Roll Hot Dogs: Okay, so these crescent roll hot dogs may not be totally nutritious, but they are delicious! (via Crazy Adventures in Parenting)

20. Pizza Buns: These made-from-scratch pizza buns will have everyone in your family smiling from ear to ear come lunchtime. (via Simple as That)

21. Sandwich Skewers: These mini bite-size sandwiches are super cute, and they’re easy to share! Add some pretzel and carrots sticks to your little one’s lunchbox to complete the meal. (via Bon Appetit)

22. Chicken Cordon Bleu Wraps: For a healthier option, opt for grilled chicken instead of chicken fingers. (via Sarah’s Cucina Bella)

23. Peanut Butter, Banana and Honey Sandwich: Peanut butter, banana and honey is a classic combo every kid is sure to love. Don’t forget the carrot sticks! (via Food Nasty)

24. Prawn and Veggie Skewers: These prawn skewers will taste even better with some ranch dip! (via Skinny Taste)

25. Avocado and Cream Cheese Sammie: This veggie sandwich is finger-licking good. Slip in a few slices of tomato for a little something extra! (via Sweet Potato Chronicles)

26. Light and Healthy Tuna Sandwich: Fun-shaped bread will liven up even the most basic tuna sandwich. (via iVillage)

27. Mini Pita Pizzas: Mini pita pizzas are super easy to make in a short amount of time, so keep this recipe in your back pocket for those days when you’re running late. (via Kitchen Simplicity)

28. Multigrain Waffle With Nutella: A homemade multigrain waffle covered in Nutella is a scrumptious and nutritious treat to surprise your little one with! (via Archana’s Kitchen)

29. Chewy Choco Chip Granola Bars: Forget the pre-packaged Chewy bars. Let’s make our own! (via My Friend’s Bakery)

30. Homemade Fortune Cookies: Homemade fortune cookies are a fun addition to any school lunch. Don’t forget those handwritten fortunes! (via A Baker’s House)

31. Mini Cheese Donuts: These cheesy mini donuts make a great snack. Don’t be stingy… pack a handful. (via La Receta de la Felicidad)

32. Sunbutter Oatmeal Cookies: These cookies are peanut-free and loaded with chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. It’s probably best to just make them in bulk ;) (via Bakerita)

What’s your little one’s favorite lunch treat? Tell us about it below!