It’s finally here! We’re not referring to warm weather or that it’s Saturday. Nope, we’re talking about best apps of the week time. This week, Disney’s popular Internet filter for families has finally launched their Android app. Plus, there’s an artificial intelligence-powered app that wants to make sure you eat well. Check out those and so much more below.


1. Disney’s Circle: Sure, you do have to get the accompanying Circle device ($99) to use this app, but Disney’s super popular Internet content filter/regulator is kind of a godsend for parents who want to limit their kids’ screen time and also keep tabs on what the li’l ones are accessing on the World Wide Web. Plus, the app is FINALLY in the Google Play Store. Woo-hoo!

DL It: Free on iOS and Android


2. Marsbot: Marsbot is an AI bot that will give you food recs based on YOUR preferences. And since it is AI, it learns what you like and don’t like and actually gets smarter over time. Marsbot will chat with you via the app like a friend. Plus, the app is powered by Foursquare, so you know it has the 411 on all the hotspots. Right now, it’s limited to NYC and SF, but don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time before it’s everywhere.

DL It: Free on iOS


3. Morning Mail: Getting to inbox zero has never been easier. This app boasts to be the Tinder for your inbox, and if you’ve ever gotten swipe-happy on the dating app, then you can imagine how Morning Mail works. Your emails appear on an easy-to-read card. You swipe right to keep, swipe left to delete!

DL It: Free on iOS


4. GroupClip: Now you can edit together simultaneous video clips from all your friends in a few simple taps. As you and your pals are recording, all footage is synced up in the cloud, which you can then string together to create awesome multi-camera clips. Pretty nifty, eh?

DL It: Free on iOS


5. Unfaded: Okay, okay, yes. $4.99 for an app is not a number to sniff at, but think about how priceless your memories are. All you have to do is scan your old photos with your iPhone (that is, take pics of your pics) and Unfaded will work its magic to bring your time- or sun-faded photos back to their old vibrant selves.

DL It: $4.99 on iOS

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