This week we got excited about a new camera designed to put real photography into the hands of serious selfie-takers. Now, we’re falling for LUUV, a handy cam tool that will help you take selfies of a whole different kind: the action-packed, 360 degree, skateboarding, snowboarding sporty kind. Get ready to hang ten and make sure you capture every moment while doing it.

This stabilizer is made for action, so you can mount your smartphone, GoPro or other actioncams (LUUV promises it will be compatible with all new devices) quickly and easily and then control it with two fingers. Once you’re plugged in, it’s play time. LUUV acts like a handheld rig, acing every action shot so you can make videos without the wiggle. Even if your hand is shaking, LUUV will stabilize the shot. It’s the first like it with an “up and down mode” so you can turn it 180 degrees to capture new angles in your adventures.

Bonus! LUUV is 3D printed so we love/luff/luv/lurve it that much more.

Not a boarder? LUUV will help you shoot solid video of any sport, gymnastics, even dance. If all-terrain to you looks more like a day at the beach with your friends or pups, just use it to bring your GoPro A game. See LUUV in action:

Money can’t buy regular love but it can pre-order LUUV for you through Indiegogo right now to ship in September 2014. Early Bird pricing ($199) is almost all claimed, but you can still be one of the first to shoot with it for $299.

What is the most epic video you’ve ever shot? Share it with us below!