Halloween may be a year round celebration for us, but the real time to find the perfect costume is on. As you scheme up your best possible ideas for October 31, it’s important not to forget the all-important finishing touch to any Insta-worthy look: a wig! Luckily for you, we’ve got you and your tresses covered. Scroll on for 20 fab manes that are guaranteed to take your costume game to the next level.

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1. Mermaid ($20): Ariel isn’t the only fish in the sea. Make your own waves with these colorful, curly mermaid locks that are sure to spice up this classic playful look.


2. Poison Ivy ($20): Make this Halloween simply deadly with electric red locks that will have you looking like Batman’s famous villainess in no time.

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3. Morticia Addams ($20): The family might be creepy and kooky, but this Morticia Addams wig is both sleek and stylish. This ‘do couldn’t make it simpler to dress as everyone’s fave gothic mama this year.


4. Daenerys Targaryen ($120): Embrace your inner Khaleesi with a braided wig that will help complete this #GirlBoss-approved look.


5. Marge Simpson ($20): We’ve got to admit that our girl Marge always looks great. This tall blue wig and a green dress are all you need to rock her style all on your own.


6. Fairy ($17): We adore pastel hair, but if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, we totally understand. Give it a test run this Halloween with a wig that would complete any magical fairy costume.


7. Merida ($105): You don’t need to be brave to rock the fun and feisty curls of everyone’s fave Scottish princess. We know it’s not real, but this wig is giving us serious hair envy!


8. The Corpse Bride ($13): We’ve been obsessing over all the Corpse Bride makeup tutorials this year, and there’s no better way to finish off the look than with some easy blue locks.


9. Ursula ($160): Wowza! This is one statement-making headpiece. You’ll be sure to stun as the infamous sea witch while wearing this — just try not to steal any voices.


10. Supernatural Ghost ($13): Who knew spooky could be so chic? We’re obsessed with this lovely gothic look for a creepy (but pretty!) costume to remember.


11. Rapunzel ($85): Perhaps no ‘do in history is as famous as the long locks of Rapunzel. We’re all about wearing this floral braid for a seriously regal ensemble.

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12. Jem and the Holograms ($12): With a live remake coming soon, there’s no better time than now to dress up as this famous ’80s cartoon character. In fact, we’re totally down for rocking these pink locks on the daily.


13. Raggedy Ann ($16): Here’s a getup that’s cute, simple and oh-so sweet. Raggedy Ann is an easy and fun idea you can throw together last minute.


14. Marie Antoinette ($22): Everyone knows the most important detail from Marie Antoinette’s style is her voluminous hair, and this particular wig certainly brings it. You’ll be sure to turn (but not lose) heads wearing these curly locks.


15. Red Queen ($17): Speaking of losing heads, check out this fab Queen of Hearts costume. Leave people cowering with this impressive mane of curls.

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16. Thing 1 and Thing 2 ($16): Whether you’re dressing in a pair or going solo, you’ll be sure to stand out with this voluminous blue ‘do, which works well for for Thing 1 or Thing 2. (Okay, we need to work on our rhyming skills…)


17. Cruella de Vil ($36): October 31 is guaranteed to be a devilishly good time when you pair this black and white wig with a dalmatian-spotted outfit.


18. Elsa ($40): We never knew an animated character could give us such hair envy. If your locks aren’t quite long enough for a Dutch braid this Halloween, snag this faux braid to transform into Elsa.


19. Snow White ($21): It’s easy to be the fairest of them all when you have this stunning jet black wig to complete your Snow White ensemble.

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20. Fashionista Bob ($15): If you’re going as fashion’s favorite #GirlBoss, then this wig is an absolute must for a stylish night out.

Which of these wigs is your favorite for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!