Picking the right Halloween costume is a difficult task. You can go for something nostalgic, something classic or something super simple. The endless options can become overwhelming. We say, embrace the scary side of the holiday this year. Because c’mon, you don’t get to wear fake blood everyday, now do you? For an outfit that is a little glamorous but still totally haunting here are 11 ways to be a bride back from the dead this Halloween.

1. Corpse Bride: Being dead never looked so good. Make Tim Burton proud by channeling one of his most popular characters this Halloween. This look will have you feeling blue in all the right ways. (via AWSM Blog)

2. Pretty Zombie Makeup: Sure, maybe zombies eat brains for dinner, but they might want to look nice while they do it on their big day. Take inspiration from Brit for a zombie look that is a little less gory and a lot more glam. (via Brit + Co)

3. Zombie Bridesmaids: We know all about the back-from-the-dead bride, but what about her badass bridesmaids? Forget the couples costume. Here’s a fun look for you and your favorite group of ladies. (via Costume Prize)

4. Silver Bride Costume ($40): We aren’t always the biggest fans of pre-made costumes but this one is definitely a keeper. This lady is obviously totally scary and ghostly now, but we get the feeling she was a class act in her former life.

5. Bride of Frankenstein: Kate Beckinsale is killing it in this black and white getup. Channel the classic movie character for a look that is a little rock n’ roll but still very dead. (via Zimbio)

6. Rockabilly Bride of Frankenstein: If you want to put your own spin on the costume, here’s the perfect way to do so. Transport the bride of Frankenstein from Switzerland to the local sock hop with this ’50s interpretation. (via Halloween Forum)

7. Zombie Bride Makeup: Step your pretty zombie up a notch with some fake blood! Take some tips from this video to add some gorgeous gore. (via Wonder How To)

8. Dia de los Muertos Bride: Here is a great option if you want to play dead, but still incorporate some color. If you’re not sure where to start on the face makeup, check out our tutorial on how to paint a candy skull. (via Michele Butler Events)

9. Bed Sheet Bride: This costume doesn’t have to drain your bank account. In fact, if you have an old, white bed sheet you’re all set. This style guru shows you how to transform linens into a tattered gown and use red lipstick for blood. (via YouTube)

10. Dead Flapper: The flapper girl costume has been done to death. And so what better way to go about it than to become a ’20s bride, hungry for brains? This look is super fun and would be much more moveable than strutting around in a giant gown all night long. (via The Uptown Bride)

11. Diva Bride: If you don’t want to go too gloomy but are looking for something a little tamer than a candy skull face, follow Christina Aguilera’s lead with a colored wig! It is a subtle way to make things more cheerful even though you’re, well you know… dead. (via Brit + Co)

Are you considering dressing as a dead bride this Halloween? Which costume idea is your favorite?