10 Foods from Korea You Should Know About That Aren’t Kimchi

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You may have tried Korean barbecue dishes like beef bulgogi or some trendy gochujang-infused recipes in the past, but we went to an expert to find out which Korean foods deserve a little more time in the spotlight. Angela B. Lee is a nutritionist and doctoral student of Traditional Chinese Medicine who has experience in the restaurant industry, has consulted for federally funded programs in New York City and Los Angeles, and more importantly, is one heck of a cook. She shared with us some of her favorite Korean foods, including simple dishes she eats at home and some of the ingredients you should stock your pantry with if you're interested in learning to cook them for yourself. You can follow Lee's cooking adventures on Instagram @bongahcooks, and her medicinal recipes @TheAcuChef. In the meantime, check out her insight into 10 of the tastiest Korean dishes to get to know for yourself.

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