This year been a doozy! Our company has grown in awesome ways, we’ve moved into a new office (with way more space for making excellent things), and we still love the challenge of tricking out, repurposing, and turning just about anything into something you can wear.

For our first Best of 2013 installment, we turn our attention to jewelry. These 13 tutorials are our (and as it turns out, your!) favorites from this past year. And yes, you can make each and every one of them.

1. Zipper Necklace: Zippers will never cease to amaze us, especially when used as a DIY material! Forget thinking that these old things are just for clothes and bags — they actually make awesome color blocks for necklaces, bracelets, and the like.

2. Studded Bangles: Take a regular old stack of bangles and elevate them to the next level by adding studs! So cool.

3. Leather Tassel Necklace: Turns out, tassels are not just for graduation ;)

4. Rope Rhinestone Necklace: Can you believe this elegant piece of neckwear was made out of rope and chain? Oh, and rhinestones of course!

5. Studded Stacking Bracelets: More studs? Yes please. To create this set of stackers, we simply added studs, gold beads, and gold wire to black VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Straps. Easy peasy.

6. Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet: As you can see, we’ve got it pretty bad for chain and rhinestones. Combine them to create a glamorous wrap with just the right amount of edge.

7. Sparkling Cuff: Originally created as part of a bridal-inspired trio, this cuff would be a great statement piece all year around. We especially love the tulle bow that acts as a clasp.

8. Fringe Statement Necklace: Guess how we made this one? We simply added fringe to an existing statement necklace, picked up at Forever 21. Pretty awesome, eh?

9. Beaded Bib Statement Necklace: Inspired by an Anthropologie necklace that would certainly break the bank, this bib necklace was created with beads, glue, felt, and chain.

10. Brass Ring T-Shirt Necklace: The colorful strands in this piece are made from t-shirts! And we picked up the brass rings at the hardware store.

11. Clay Geode Jewelry: Bust out your grade school clay tools and get to work!

12. Beaded Watch Wrap Bracelet: The search for a watch that doesn’t look like a clunky piece of equipment can be kind of an endless one… unless you take an old watch face and add beads, ribbon, or rope to it!

13. Copper Pendant Rope Necklace: And finally, everything to create this necklace was picked up at the hardware store. How cool is that?

Be sure to let us know if you have any favorites from the list in the comments below. Happy making!