If you’re missing bacon on a plant-based or meat-free diet, you’re in luck. You can make bacon from just about every chewy, savory ingredient you can imagine, from mushrooms and eggplant to tofu and coconut. Make these must-try vegan bacon swaps the next time you have a BLT craving or whip up a batch of vegan mac and cheese. With these in your arsenal, vegan bacon (perhaps on a warm, hearty sandwich) may soon be your new Meatless Monday fave.

1. Eggplant Bacon: Vegetables are definitely not bacon, but this eggplant bacon is as convincing as can be. Crispy yet thick and “insanely delicious,” according to the blogger herself, eggplant bacon is tasty and satisfying enough for any recipe that calls for bacon, plant-based or not. (via Minimalist Baker)

2. Coconut Bacon: Sprinkle coconut bacon on top of baked potatoes, avocado toast, and veggie burgers — any place you’d find bacon bits. These crispy, savory bites are satisfyingly rich, thanks to the fatty coconut and smokey marinade. (via The Full Helping)

3. Rice Paper Bacon: If you like your bacon thin and crispy, you’ll love this rice paper version. It’s easily made gluten-free, and every crunchy, smokey bite is worth the messiness of prepping this substitute. (via Yup, It’s Vegan)

4. Tempeh Bacon: Tempeh is like a sponge, soaking up flavor of whatever sauce or seasoning you add to it. Here, it’s drenched in smokey, salty deliciousness that’s just begging to be stuffed into a breakfast taco. (via I Heart Vegetables)

5. Tofu Bacon: Chewy and covered in a thick, savory sauce, tofu bacon is a simple kitchen project to undertake. Made with ingredients you likely already have on hand, it’s perfect for those times when you want something rich and bacon-y, like right now! (via Amuse Your Bouche)

6. Carrot Bacon: Carrot bacon is admittedly not the most bacon-y bacon swap, but it does a nice job of spicing up salads and bowl meals. If you need coaxing to eat your vegetables, this recipe was tailor-made for you. (via Meet the Shannons)

7. Smoked Mushroom Bacon: Crispy, chewy, and the result of a whole lot of food science, this smoked mushroom bacon is more of a project than a quick recipe. Pair it with a tofu scramble for a special Sunday brunch. (via Serious Eats)

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