Did anyone happen to catch Coldplay and the football game that opened for Beyoncé’s concert last night? The queen took to the field and absolutely slayed it with her new song “Formation.” (Can we just talk about how she danced in heels on grass — like how!? Only Bey.) If you are as any bit obsessed as I am with her new song, I’m sure you’ve listened and watched the music video about 100 times by now and know most of the jaw-dropping lyrics by heart. We couldn’t help but DIY one of our fave phrases from the jam onto a tote (that we will then bring to the Formation World Tour!). Here’s how to make a Beyoncé “Formation” tote bag.


Materials + Tools:

– canvas tote

– iron on letters

– iron



1. Grab some adhesive letters and iron them into a blank canvas tote.


We love how even the queen of R&B doesn’t forget about her southern roots :)


Iron each section for about 60 seconds to really make sure the adhesive letters have permanently made it onto the tote.


We gon’ slayyyy.


Ok Beyoncé, what is your go-to brand of hot sauce? We need to know.


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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Kurt Andre
 Illustration: Kelly Bryden + Rosee Canfield