The moment we discovered Beyoncé would be performing at the Grammys we knew it would be epic. I mean, does Bey ever do anything that doesn’t make you stop in your tracks? A prime example of her ability to be so extra but also so very flawless: that already famous pregnancy announcement. It turns out that new floral aesthetic didn’t come to an end after her maternity photo shoot. Bey kept the blossoming theme going straight into her Grammys performance tonight.

During her trippy performance, flowers flooded the floor of the stage.

59th GRAMMY Awards - Show

And Bey’s backup dancers also sported dresses that appear to be a subtle nod to the tulle veil the singer rocked in her Instagram photo.

59th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Bey, you can really do know wrong. Here’s to hoping the rest of Bey’s maternity looks come with just as many floral embellishments. Watch her full 2017 Grammy performance here:

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