Crafting the perfect proposal is truly an art. Whether you pop the question under the Golden Gate bridge or create a custom Monopoly board, it’s important to not only impress your soon-to-be-fiancé with something thoughtful, but also personalize it in a way that uniquely suits them. To ask his girlfriend to marry him, Redditor Up-Down-Go decided to implant the question into a pair of binoculars.


A few months back, Up-Down-Go consulted the telescope experts of Reddit for some advice on how to make his dream proposal a reality. He wrote, “I’m going to bring her to a scenic view, say ‘Hey look at that [far away thing],’ and hand her a set of binoculars. While she is looking through the eyepiece I will have taken a knee and opened the ring box.”

Not surprisingly, the Reddit community came to the rescue and provided him with copious amounts of advice on how to hack a basic pair of binoculars. Up-Down-Go recently followed up with news that she yes and shared a few photos revealing how he DIYed the whole thing.


Considering all of the optics involved in binoculars, the project proved to be a bit more complicated than you might expect. First, he disassembled the binoculars and created a “will you marry me?” message with the right diameter to fit. He then used rolled index cards to keep the message a set distance from the lens so it was actually readable. And then he pieced it all back together and voila! Perfect proposal, hacked.

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(Photo via Imgur)