Fashion has gone digital, and we’re living in the era of online magazines and blogs. While we love a good physical magazine, we’re always scoping out blogs for the latest style trends and beauty, design and decorating inspo. Retailers have taken notice and have started reaching out to bloggers for advice and design help, giving them a coveted voice in the fashion and beauty industries. In honor of Black History Month and our love for style bloggers, we’re sharing ten of our favorite black style and beauty fashionistas.

Natalie Live

1. Natalie Live: Natalie Live decided to start her style blog, The Tiny Closet, after being laid off from a high-paying job. Unable to spend as much as she could in the past, she decided to use the blog as a daily record of how to make the most of what was in her tiny closet. She has now carved out a successful career as a designer and style blogger. (Photo via The Tiny Closet)

2. Claire Sulmers: Claire Sulmers is a pioneer in the blogging world and a force to be reckoned within the fashion industry. She began her blog, Fashion Bomb Daily, in 2006, creating a daily destination for multicultural fashionistas. Her blog has approximately 2.4 million visitors per month and has been recognized by Teen Vogue, Black Enterprise and Vogue Italia, among others. (Photo via Karl Pierre/Fashion Bomb Daily)

Tiffany Battle

3. Tiffany Battle: Tiffany Battle is a process engineer by day and a style blogger by night. After attending New York Fashon Week for the first time and with the encouragement of a close friend, she decided to start her blog, The Werk! Place, in 2012. Her blog inspires women to step outside of the box and experiment with prints, patterns and textures in a new and different way. (Photo via The Werk! Place)

The Daileigh

4. Ashleigh Hutchinson: Ashleigh Hutchinson created her style blog, The Daileigh, in 2011 as a way to express herself creatively. Her passion for all things fashion shone through every post and led her to become a stylist with H&M. Today, Hutchinson maintains her style blog and works as an independent stylist/consultant in Maryland. (Photo via The Daileigh)

Michael Kors To Celebrate Milano - Cocktail

5. Tamu McPherson: Tamu McPherson always had dreams of working within the fashion industry. At the age of 29, she decided to quit her job as a lawyer in NYC and move to Milan to pursue a career in fashion. Once in Milan, she started her street style blog, All the Pretty Birds, and soon became the Fashion Director of Grazia Italia. (Photo via Jacopo Raule/Getty)


6. Janelle and Jessica Lloyd: Janelle and Jessica Lloyd are sisters and native New Yorkers who started the blog Girls Off Fifth as a source for lust-worthy style from a city girl’s point of view. Janelle got her start in fashion as a buyer for Bloomingdale’s, while Jessica is an aspiring jewelry designer who works as an event planner. (Photo via Girls Off Fifth)

Danielle Gray

7. Danielle Gray: Danielle Gray began her blog, The Style and Beauty Doctor, after working as an image consultant and beauty contributor for AOL. Today, she continues to build her blogging empire while working as a fashion and beauty freelance writer for ESSENCE and (Photo via Nasilele Photography/The Style and Beauty Doctor)

Gabi Gregg2

8. Gabi Gregg: Gabi Gregg began Gabi Fresh in 2008, and it quickly became the go-to destination for curvy style inspiration. Gregg partnered with Swimsuits for All to design chic bikinis for plus-size women, and her designs sold out in 24 hours. She’s now a household name for plus-size fashions. (Photo via Gabi Fresh)


9. Cipriana Quann and Nikisha Brunson: Cipriana and Nikisha began Urban Bush Babies three years ago as the definitive source for natural hair tips, fashion, art and culture. Their blog and YouTube channel receive over 250,000 views a week. In 2013, Vogue recognized Cipriana Quann as the Best Dressed Blogger of the Year. (Photo via The Coveteur, Nicole Mlakar)

Karen Blanchard

10. Karen Blanchard: Karen Blanchard is a style blogger from London who moved to New York City and found herself asking random strangers, “where did you get that?” She decided to start a blog to share her finds, and named it exactly that. (Photo via Where Did U Get That)

Who are your favorite fashion and beauty bloggers? Let us know in the comments below!