Most of the Instagram-loving world is still drooling over the bright and beautiful rainbow food trend, feasting their eyes and filling their stomachs with rainbow grilled cheese and rainbow sushi, not to mention the newest next-level bagel art. But if you’re sick of all the wild colors, then you’ll definitely want to check out this pure black ice cream that’s the edible version of the anti-rainbow food trend made with one seriously unusual ingredient — and nope, it’s not squid ink or sesame seeds.

Coming from the dessert masters at Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in New York City is JET BLACK ICE CREAM. Between your classic mint chip and coffee, it sure stands out like a sore thumb. Sure, the frozen treat may have you raising your eyebrows at first but will soon have you opening your mouth wide to try out this unusual delight.

So what exactly makes this ice cream so jet black? Whereas other black culinary concoctions are created with squid ink or sesame seeds, this treat uses something more dessert-like. Coconut. More specifically, coconut ash. “It’s simply the charred and processed remains of a coconut shell,” founder Nick Morgenstern himself told Mic. Technically, it’s charcoal. Seriously. But it tastes like coconut, thankfully. Combining coconut flakes, coconut cream, coconut milk and the coconut ash brings together the peculiar delicacy.

Scoops are available at Morgenstern’s beginning tomorrow, May 25. We can’t wait to hear what lucky tasters think of this black-as-night treat.

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(h/t Mic, photos via @morgensternsnyc)