Rainbow Sushi Is the Latest Food Trend You Need to Try
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Rainbow Sushi Is the Latest Food Trend You Need to Try

In case you haven’t caught on by now, it’s pretty much become common consensus that life is better in technicolor. Better yet, make that rainbow technicolor. EVERYTHING has suddenly become better in rainbow, and we do mean everything: eyelashes, hair, macaroni and cheese, coffee, donuts — you name it, and it’s probably been rainbow-ized.

Now, another of our favorite foods has “caught the rainbow,” so to speak, and we’re pretty much obsessed: Say hello to rainbow sushi.

This already magical cuisine (also trending in cake form) instantly becomes that much cooler when rolled in pastel, and best of all? This little mermaid spread requires no food coloring at all — just ask food blogger @elsas­_wholelife, who uses natural powders such as spirulina, matcha, maqui, turmeric and beet powder to get her desired mermaid effect.

“All natural coloring from various dried powders,” she writes.

The trend is quickly catching fire via the Interwebs, and we’ve rounded up some of the prettiest snaps for you below. Behold, the latest foodie craze!

1. @elsas_wholesome life: “Fill ‘n’ roll,” Elsa writes.

2. @starrcharms: Okayyyy, our mouths are definitely watering.

3. @theindigokitchen: This amazing Japanese food artist (who also created this stellar Pokemon rice dish) shares the recipe for his take on the trend on his blog, The Indigo Kitchen.

4. @kellylamug: Kelly punches up her sushi with a few added colorful veggies.

5. @kaylynweir: “I have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and it is in the form of rainbow sushi,” writes Kaylyn. “You’re welcome.”

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(h/t PopSugar, photo via Getty)