Rainbow bagels charmed both our aesthetic-appreciating eyes and our tasty treat-lovin’ stomachs (as did rainbow grilled cheese, rainbow mac + cheese and rainbow sushi), but get ready for some seriously next-level bagel art. Check out the totally amazing Unicorn Rainbow bagels, Hello Kitty bagels, black and white bagels and other creations that are just as ready for Instagram as they are for your mouth.

The trend geniuses behind the culinary creations from The Bagel Store may be based in Brooklyn, but are now shipping worldwide for anyone who wants to try out their beautifully baked goods. That alone deserves an enthusiastic YAY! So what kind of wild treats will you be able to enjoy?

If you like your bagels with a hint of the mystical, then the Unicorn Rainbow bagels would be the perfect choice. Bright pink, purple and yellow are mixed together with blue and white to make a rainbow of Unicorn-inspired delight.

If you’re giddy with excitement over the new Alice Through the Looking Glass movie, then the bagels of the same name will have you taking a bite out of the story before it even hits screens.

If you collect anything and everything to do with Hello Kitty, then you definitely need to add this pop-culture feline-inspired treat to your list. Although you might want to allow yourself to eat this collectable, and perhaps just add a pic of it to your actual treasure trove.

If rainbow bagels are just too much color for you, then perhaps the sleek black and white option is more to your taste. With a simple twist of the two shades and topped with matching sesame seeds, these bagels are more bun-like and meant for your favorite burger.

And if you’re wondering what they look like loaded up with your pick of cream cheese, well, they might look even better. They certainly appear totally drool-worthy, like the cotton candy bagel with Funfetti cheese and real cotton candy. Um, yum!

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(h/t Pop Sugar, photos via @thebagelstore)