We have no doubt that fans will hardly recognize Blake Lively in her latest role, and her hubby Ryan Reynolds certainly seems to agree that she’s undergone quite the transformation. Frankly, her new look is so jaw-dropping, that he even used a pic of his wife on-set to take their famous photo feud up a notch.

Back in August, the Deadpool star first instigated the situation when he wished his lady a happy birthday on social media. But being the cheeky fella that he is, he happened to share a photo of himself and Lively where she’s mostly cropped out and he’s fully the focal point.

In a grin-worthy act of revenge, The Shallows blonde sent her spouse a celebratory message via social media on his big day and while Reynolds was mostly cropped out of the pic just as Lively had been, she wasn’t in the center of this particular image. Instead, it was Ryan Gosling, the man who Ryan Reynolds is constantly confused with.

Of course, the feud didn’t fizzle out after that. Instead, Reynolds just took things up a notch.

When Lively was photographed out in Dublin while shooting her new film The Rhythm Section (in which she plays a woman who is seeking revenge… revenge seems to be a key theme here), she certainly looked nothing like her normal, incredibly groomed self. Instead, she seemed to have skipped the makeup and was wearing baggy, mismatched clothes.

Reynolds couldn’t resist sharing the somewhat shocking shot of the actress with the simple yet harsh hashtag “#nofilter.”

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Followers certainly got a kick of it, posting comments like, “[I]magine being as savage as Ryan [R]eynolds,” and “I AM CRYING😂,” along with “Ok the fact that you posted this is more couple goals than all of the existing pictures of you two combined. Ps she still looks hot.”

We can’t wait to see what kind of pic Lively uses in retaliation. This is gonna be good!

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(Photo via Dia Dipasapusil/Getty)