We heart our IRL besties for many, many reasons. Whether it’s the fact that they let us indulge in our guiltiest pleasures without passing judgement (*cough* Britney dancing) or know exactly what to say to inspire us to go chase our #girlboss dreams, we know they’ve always got our backs. And ’cause we’re just as crazy about them, we without a doubt have theirs, too. So when we see an equally crush-worthy friendship play out on TV, we can’t help but gush over that bond (and DVR it, and binge watch it). From the most unlikely of BFFs to the total peas in a pod — and even an epic bromance or two — these 15 small screen friendships are our absolute favorite takes on being insanely inseparable.

1. Ann + Leslie, Parks and Rec: They work(ed) together, play together and eat waffles together. But the real reason Ann and Leslie are the ultimate Galentine’s Day muses is because they compliment each other so well: Ann by sweetly reassuring her manic do-gooder bestie (even now from across state lines :( ), and Leslie by literally complementing Ann with epic adorations. I mean, wouldn’t you melt if your gf called you a “cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish”?

2. Penny, Bernadette + Amy, The Big Bang Theory: It’s obvious that bubbly Penny, awkward Bernadette and introverted Amy are an unusual pairing, but what makes this offbeat friendship really work is their genuine acceptance of each others’ oddities. And that’s actually the perfect formula for a killer GNO: You can let loose, drink a little too much wine and know that no matter how nerdy the topic, your pals are there to commiserate. We’ll raise our glass to that!

3. Angela + Rayanne, My So Called Life: “So I started hanging out with Rayanne Graff. Just for fun. Cause it seemed like if I didn’t, I would die or something.” Dramatic? Duh. But Angela and Rayanne were each other’s angsty outlets at a time when the two teens needed a P.I.C. the most: When you’re going through the ups and downs of finding yourself (the red hair = definite “up”) and falling for your and every fictitious/real ‘90s girl’s first true love, Jordan Catalano. He leans great.

4. Cory + Shawn, Boy Meets World: Cory and Shawn are some of the most caring and devoted besties the small screen has ever seen. And even a decade after they graduated from John Adams High, they’re still the closest of chums (eek! Guess who still drops by for dinner?), and those long-lasting framily ties keep our nostalgic hearts warm :)

5. Jess + Cece, New Girl: Sometimes your adorkable past is what keeps you close, like in the case of Jess and Cece. Even though their all grown-up selves run in different professional circles — squirmy Jess, a school teacher and uber social Cece, a fashion model (who looks like a vision in overalls, btw) — they’re as loyal to each other as any ladies could be. #galsbeforepals

6. Will + Carlton, The Fresh Prince: Starter jackets verses sweater vests. Hip hop versus crooners. B-ball versus study hall. Will and Carlton couldn’t be on more opposite ends of the spectrum. But their unlikely friendship proves that opposites attract, and because of that, our dance moves were forever changed for the better.

7. Kelly, Jessie + Lisa, Saved by the Bell: If we could be a part of any awesome TV girl crew, it would hands down have to be the dynamic trio of Bayside High babes Kelly, Jessie and Lisa. We’d all totally have matching scrunchies, meet up at The Max to exchange after-school gossip and write superstar smash songs about our fun times together, ‘cause I’m pretty sure they need a tambourine player in Zack Attack.

8. Serena + Blair, Gossip Girl: The “it’s complicated” status on FB was clearly made for S + B. Although they hit a rocky patch or two at Constance Billard and beyond, we somehow always believed Blair and Serena had each others’ backs. Through thick and thin, rich and richer, Chuck and Dan, Hamptons and Brooklyn, they are truly the two best (dressed) frenemies that ever could be.

9. Troy + Abed, Community: These sillyheads are almost so in synch with each other and so inside each others’ goofball brains that they couldn’t care less about what the rest of the world thinks about their pj parties, dorky handshakes and lingering stares. But who cares? Troy and Abed make each other smile ear-to-ear, and their aww-inducing antics make them one of our fave TV bromances of all time.

10. J.D. + Turk, Scrubs: The eagle lifts, the bro-only bashes, the pet names. Really, there’s no need to explain this “Guy Love” when J.D. and Turk do it best, and in song, no less. Hit it, Chocolate Bear!

11. Rory + Lorelai, Gilmore Girls: So you can talk to your mom about “anything,” but Rory legit talks to Lorelai aka the most chill mother ever about everything. And the coolest part is, the soul-baring banter goes both ways. From boy talk to girly gossip, this mom + daughter are as open and honest with each other as you are with your diary. And that’s awesome.

12. Clarissa + Sam, Clarissa Explains It All: Long before Joey climbed through Dawson’s window, Sam climbed through Clarissa’s (past her pet crocodile) and completed one of the best bud duos ever to wear neon and high five on ‘90s Nickelodeon. Well maybe besides Kenan and Kel…

13. Daria + Jane, Daria: To made-for-each other misfits Daria and Jane, everything in their cartoon universe was totally shrug-worthy, except for each other. And pizza. These grunge-y gals taught us that you don’t need everyone to “get” you as long as you’ve got that special someone you can roll your eyes at life with.

14. Carrie + Fred, Portlandia: Carrie + Fred can’t stop tickling our funny bones as they galavant around Portland(ia) spouting kooky catchphrasess and acting out all that’s awesome + absurd with hipsterdom. They’re clever humor isn’t the only thing that’s crush-worthy — the duo’s major musical chops merit next-level praise.

15. Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe + Monica, Friends: Day in, day out, through D.O.A. love lives and the general hustle + bustle of big city living in your 20s, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey and Phoebe taught us that friends are really the most important thing in life. You know, ’cause they’ll be there for you :)

Which small screen pals are your favorite friends? Are they duos from retro shows or are they your current on-screen besties? Tell us in the comments below.