Blake Lively may be one heck of a cook (in fact, she claims this cookbook “changed her life”), but it turns out that she wasn’t able to benefit from any of her chef-like chops while filming The Shallows. In order to get in the tip-top shape necessary to battle a persistent predator and look super svelte in a swimsuit, Blake embarked on a strict diet — and it’s actually surprisingly do-able.

Blake Lively

While chatting with Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, Blake revealed that her diet to prepare for her Shallows role was pretty darn restrictive. “I did no gluten and no soy.” That may not seem so bad until you realize just how much of what we eat contains those particular ingredients. Blake continued, “Once you remove soy, you realize you’re eating no processed foods. So that’s basically what I did. No processed foods and then working out.”

Blake Lively

Lively says it still wasn’t super easy to stick to, and what made it even more difficult was the on-set snacks that surrounded her. “That was the hardest part. They were making these fresh muffins every morning — those jackasses. They smelled so good!”

So how did Blake maintain this diet? “I was still able to have sugar and all of those things. It’s all in moderation. You just have a balance of protein, carbs and vegetables. And it wasn’t the worst.” You’ll believe that when you find out that she “was eating rice and sushi.” Sushi? Totally do-able!

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(h/t HelloGiggles; photos via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty, The Shallows)