Between the DNC (did you SEE Bill Clinton going ham on the balloons?), Lollapalooza and everything else going on this week, you might think you don鈥檛 have enough time to take a breather for yourself and do something you truly enjoy. These celebs, however, are here to tell you that you鈥檙e dead wrong. Even with 14-hour-plus long days for many, stars like Blake Lively, Brooklyn Beckham (whose GF just garnered his mother鈥檚 official seal of approval) and Katie Holmes STILL find time to enjoy the things that make them happy, such as taking up a new class or breaking the mold a bit by learning a new artistic skill. See what else they managed to accomplish this week below in our celeb DIY roundup!

1. Blake Lively: Blake took a break from her usually witty Instagram banter to post a real baking DIY if we ever saw one. 鈥淢ixed berry shortcake I made with the biscuit recipe from #Heartlandia cookbook ($21)鈥oly yum balls. @thecountrycat your book changed my life.鈥 Welp, looks like we know what we鈥檒l be asking for for Christmas!

2. Danica McKellar: Danica helped to whip up some too cute cupcakes for her little niece this week, saying 鈥淗aving waaaay too much fun decorating cupcakes for my 3-year-old niece鈥檚 birthday. ;)鈥 Let鈥檚 just say, an amateur, she is not!

My sexy tomatoes 馃崊鈽锔忦煂别煒

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3. Behati Prinsloo + Cameron Diaz: Both Behati and Cameron have been doing some home gardening as of late, with both ladies taking to Instagram to show off their tomato progress. 鈥淢y sexy tomatoes,鈥 Behati says of the post above.

馃崊 #summer #gardenglory

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Cameron keeps things simple with a 鈥#gardenglory鈥 hashtag.

Vacation occupation? Hairstylist to my favorite little lady.

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4. Halle Berry: Who needs a salon when you have a pseudo hairstylist like Halle Berry around? 鈥淰acation occupation? Hairstylist to my favorite little lady,鈥 she shares on a snap of this colorful 鈥榙o.

5. Katie Holmes: Ever the budding artiste, Katie鈥檚 works have taken on a whole new style as of late: Where older posted pieces were more ethereal and watercolor-based, recently posted pieces, like this geometric number she posted this week, show off a (presumably) new skillset entirely. Way to go, Katie!


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6. Kate Beckinsale: Though it鈥檚 unclear if Kate actually handmade this piece herself or not, someone did, and we happen to think it鈥檚 pretty rad.

7. Brooklyn Beckham: Posh鈥檚 eldest is channeling his artsy side with a photography class, as he posted about just last night. 鈥淎mazing photography course. Thank you everyone,鈥 he says. Two guesses as to who will be his main subject of choice (hint: It starts with Chloe and ends with Moretz!).

8. Tori Spelling: Tori Spelling鈥檚 hair isn鈥檛 the only brightly colored thing in the Spelling/McDermott household this week: Just look at all this #unicornfood! 鈥淏atches of beauty happening,鈥 she writes. Excuse us while we wipe away the drool.

Which celeb鈥檚 DIY skillz impressed you most this week? Tell us over @BritandCo!

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