Ah, the good ol’ trusty bobby pin. They’re staple items for everyone from beauty beginners to pros, and for good reason. The thin pins are incredibly versatile, insanely inexpensive, and get the job done — simple as that. But they can do more than just secure that complex updo; bobby pins are an essential tool when it comes to beauty hacks. Read on to learn five genius uses.

The Winged Eyeliner Hack

Not sure how to master the retro makeup look? Use the ends to create an outline for a cat eye. Shade the open edges of a bobby pin with an inky, black liquid eyeliner to create your stamp. Then carefully place the bobby pin at the outer corner of your eye (touching your skin), with the longer edge on the bottom, and voilà — you’ve got the blueprint for a winning winged look. Fill in the triangle and connect it to a thin line that hugs your upper lash line.

The Ponytail Hack

A flat, lifeless ponytail gets an instant lift with a bobby pin — it’s just all about the angles. Stick a bobby pin vertically into the underside of your hair tie (so it’s hidden and facing down toward your neck). Place your ponytail hair back on top of the pin to conceal it.

The Nail Art Hack

Dip the end of a bobby pin into your hue-of-choice and go dot crazy. Add a bunch of multi-colored designs to your digits or opt for a minimalist look with just one dot on each finger.

The False Lash Hack

Add the perfect amount of lash glue to the strip of your falsies with a bobby pin. Apply a bit of glue to the tip of a pin and then slide it over the lash strip.

The Makeup Brush Hack

Create a contouring brush in a pinch by adding a bobby pin (or more, depending on the size of your tool) horizontally halfway to fan out and firm up those bristles.

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