If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Adele, it’s the power of an expertly applied cat eye. But you don’t have to stick to a classic black wing to rock the trend. Just like its spirit animal, the beauty look has a seemingly endless amount of lives. Below, we rounded up some of the coolest — and most artistic — cat eyes on Instagram that are begging to be tried.

1. Reverse Cat Eye: Meow! Amp it up with an inner highlight and bold brow.

2. Triangle: Upgrade your traditional cat eye by giving this geometrical look a go. We guess learning about angles in school *actually* did come in handy.

3. Pink: Who says black is the only way to go? Nothing is more stylish than a fierce cat eye in a Barbie-approved color.

4. Paint Splatter: Why choose one color when you can wear all of them? Create a splatter effect on your cat eye with tiny dots in an artistic design.

5. Crease Lined: Love your OG cat eye but want to take it to a whole other level? Add some shine and a cut-crease arch to make your eyes look wider and pop with draaaammmaa.

6. Stars: A great way to wow at night is by adding a few stars to your cat eye. Swipe a glittery highlight on the inner corners of your eye, and top off your look with a few star stickers.

7. White: YAASSS KWEEN! This beauty look makes us want to buy a white eyeliner asap. Contrast your lines by using brown tones for a daring look.

8. Blue and Bold: While Alicia Keys vowed against using makeup, we honestly can’t help but swoon over how beautiful she looks with this to-die-for cat eye. This tribal design looks stunning in this shade of blue, but we think a bright pink would be just as good.

9. Red: Bring out your inner rock star with this bold reverse cat eye.

10. Reverse Negative Space: This cat eye is both futuristic and so RN, and we want to wear it everywhere (and we mean everywhere).

How do you normally wear your cat eye? Tell us on Pinterest!