When bobby pins were nowhere to be seen at NYFW this fall, it wasn’t because they were brilliantly camouflaged into models’ manes by the top hairstylists in the biz — it was because those hair pros just weren’t using them anymore (you have lazy-girl beauty to thank for that level of minimalism). Well, this hair trend is about to change all of that by putting bobby pins center stage. No longer unseen heroes, bobby pins are more and more often being used in flashy ways to enhance hairstyles, just like hair jewelry and flower crowns. It turns out bobby pins could be the only decorative hair accessories you’ll ever need again. Check out some examples below to kickstart your bobby pin art addiction.

bobby 1

1. Cool Cluster: Choose metallic or different colored bobby pins, then criss-cross and layer them up on one side of your head just above your ear to accomplish this chic look. So pretty, you can even skip the jewels and baubles. (via Refinery29)

bobby 2

2. The Hashtag: Calling all social media mavens! All it takes is four bobby pins to get this Instagram-ready hairdo. (via Cosmopolitan)

bobby 3

3. Simple Triangle: Pull back two strands from the front of your hair and secure them beautifully with this triangle bobby pin art. Rock this look at the office or your holiday bash. (via Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno)

bobby 4

4. Braided Arrow: This design instantly upgrades any braided ‘do. Sure, braids are gorgeous on their own, but adding bobby pins to the mix makes a serious hair statement. (via Makeup.com)

bobby 5

5. Painted Pins: If you don’t have colored bobby pins on hand, a simple nail polish DIY can get the job done. Paint on your pattern of choice to replicate this pretty grouping. (via Free People)

bobby 6

6. Sunburst Ponytail: Add a little pep to your standard ponytail with this sunshine-y design. Just prep your pony, grab the bobby pins and go crazy! (via Brit + Co)

bobby 7

7. Criss-Crossed Bun: Secure a loose braided bun in the raddest way possible — with criss-crossed and brightly colored bobby pins. (via Marie Claire)

bobby 8

8. Embellished Braid: Embrace your inner warrior and slide some metallic bobby pins into your fishtail braid. This edgy ‘do pairs perfectly with a LBD and super sharp cat eye. (via Cosmopolitan)

bobby 9

9. Chignon Chevron: Upcoming holiday cocktail parties call for pretty updos that will wow — this look does just that. Bobby pins in a chevron shape on the side of your hair look stunning while keeping your locks in place. (via Refinery29)

bobby 10

10. Slicked-Back Multi-Pin: Slicked-back hairstyles are beyond chic, but sometimes making them stay put can be tricky. Solve your sleekness problems by using metallic bobby pins to create this ideal night-out look. (via Hairstyle.com)

bobby 11

11. Neon Studs: Bobby pin hack alert! Use a little hot glue + neon nail polish to upgrade your standard bobbies, then slide them in to decorate your braided ‘do. (via Brit + Co)

bobby 12

12. X Marks the Spot: Effortlessly sweep back your long bangs and baby hair with this 3X bobby pin design. Use brightly colored pins in turquoise or hot pink for stand-out style and added cool. (via Life, Set Sail)

bobby 13

13. Matching Lips + Bobbies: This look is super simple but SO gorgeous. Evenly space a grouping of bold red bobby pins and add a matching lip to really amp up the glam. (via PopSugar)

bobby 14

14. The Asterisk: Sport a half updo in an unexpected way — with this bobby pin pattern that will make you the star of the show. The snowflake-esque shape also perfectly suits holiday party hair! (via Whitney Port)

What do you think about the bobby pin art trend? Would you try it out? Let us know in the comments!