We’re nuts about note-taking here at Brit HQ: from scribbling away in classic hard-bound journals to syncing up with a smart notebook and of course, going digital with our favorite note taking apps. But sometimes those super short reminders like “Call Mom” or “Register for Re:Make” need to be in your face to spark follow-through. That’s why we’re rounding up these 35 awesome notepads perfect for jotting down brief memos and “aha” moments.

1. Bright Notes ($15): First we’ll start with a notepad that’s beautiful in its simplicity. The Robin’s egg blue background and scrawling retro font are such a classy combination.

2. Nico Sushi Memo Blocks ($19.20): These playful sushi sticky notes are one of our picks for ways to keep your workspace creative. Not only do they look adorable on a desk, but they’re a perfect size for one-liner reminders.

3. Paper Tweet Notepad ($5): Twitter meets the analog world with this cheeky notepad. While we love the idea, character counting may not be as fun without a backspace button.

4. Memo Pad ($12): Six different colored papers make up this square desk pad. Its nifty pencil holder makes putting pen to page all the more easy.

5. Serrote Letterpress ($8): A mix of the modern and the nostalgic cover these whimsical 40-page notebooks. These would make great gifts for the graphic designer in your life!

6. Equal Memo Block ($8): We love the versatile design of this ring-bound notepad. Open the clasp to take single memos as you need them, or clip all 100-sheets to your keychain to get the most out of this portable pad.

7. Origami Sticky Note Pad ($12): You’ve completed a task you noted! Now what? This alternative to trash can free throws is way more creative – just follow the instructions to make your own origami bird or boat…

8. Cube Notepad in Tiny Quilt ($15): …but if you just can’t get the hang of paper folding, the quilt pattern on this cube gives you the drama of origami shapes without any effort on your part. Score! Not to mention we love this notepad’s modern take on houndstooth.

9. OMG Sticky Notes ($4): Take your digital slang offline with these fun sticky notes. Preface your message by checking one of four famous abbreviations that sum up the importance of the message before letting the recipient know if you’ll BRB or just TTYL.

10. Get It Done Notepad ($10): Sometimes all you need motivation from a cute critter to get it done! Earn your stripes by crossing your to-dos off of this notepad.

11. Cupcake Notepad ($5): You know we’re obsessed with all things sweet here at Brit + Co., so this cupcake notepad is making our mouths water. Just remember it’s not real, so don’t try to bite off the cherry on top ;)

12. Personalized Confetti Notepad ($16): The festive boarder has us head over heels about this personalized notepad. A bright customizable banner drapes in front of colorful confetti that frames each of the 50 sheets.

13. Rhodia 80-Sheet Blank Pad ($5): There’s a reason why some things are considered a classic. The orange cover of these durable, high-quality notepds date back to the 1930s and remain a favorite of artists and architects to this day. If it’s good enough for the pros, it’s good enough for us!

14. Molega Notepad ($16): When was the last time you did something totally awesome? This notepad channels an adventurous spirit that may help you rise to the ranks of the radical.

15. One Day at a Time Notepad Set ($30): Make the most of your time with this trio of time-sensitive notepads. Would you be more productive if you were constantly reminded of the hours, minutes, and seconds that make up the day?

16. “I Will Do One Thing Today” Pad ($2): If your mega to-do list is making you feel overwhelmed, here’s a nifty notepad to help you break it down in a very manageable way. Create a constructive habit by completing one task a day!

17. Weekly Schedule Notepad ($13): Need a little more insight into what the days ahead hold? Then keep all of your 9-5 deadlines in check with this weekly schedule notepad. Every fifth page has a different grid design, so tearing off the top sheet will be completely satisfying.

18. SmartDeck ($13): More of a big picture person? Have the whole year at your fingertips with this 150-page notepad. This giant pad is the perfect canvas for scribbling sweeping agendas and grand schemes.

19. Talk to the Hand Sticky Notes ($8): No one likes being left a passive aggressive note, unless it comes from this sassy “Talk to the Hand” sticky note of course. Also great for office high-fives and games of paper patty cake.

20. Milk Notepad ($9): These imaginative milk carton notepads come in regular, chocolate, and banana “flavors.” Flip them open to jot down your grocery lists or farmer’s market finds.

21. Düller Memo Pad Long ($7): This rebel notepad is breaking all the rules: longer (way longer) than it is wide and replacing lined pages with dotted ones. Naturally, we’re intrigued by its minimal design, and the fact that you can play connect the dots all day long!

22. Schoolyard Notepad ($10): Whether you’re prepping for your first day of school or not, this lined notepad as a definite must-have desk accessory. This nostalgic notepad was made for writing lists like recipes you’ve been dying to try.

23. Adventure Time Beemo Eco-Friendly Notepad ($13): If you ever need a note taking buddy, have this friendly little computer by your side. Writing your daily to-dos on its cheery face is sure to make you smile.

24. Paperways Glue Set of 4 ($5): We love the graphic travel patterns on this set of colorful sticky notes. Pack these memos up on your next international voyage with reminders like “set time zone” or “learn to say thanks in Japanese!”

25. Make & Do Notepad ($10): There has never been a more fitting notepad for us at Brit HQ! Celebrate maker culture with this inspirational notepad. There’s even space to write down a self-gifted reward for completing what you set your mind to. We approve!

26. Switch Notes ($17): Feeling super forgetful? Unless you get dressed in the dark, these switch stickies won’t go un-note-iced. Simply stick them over a light switch so they’ll be the first thing you see in the morning or when you arrive back home.

27. Note to Self Pocket Notes ($6): This pocket-sized notepad is the perfect travel companion. It’s a great way to ensure you’ll be able to jot down brilliant thoughts on the go.

28. 10-Count Matchbook Pads ($2): Looking for something even smaller? It doesn’t get more mini than these matchbook notepads.

29: Hilda Glasgow Notepads ($11): These incredibly chic illustrated notepads feel like the pages of a vintage Vogue are always open. Its fashionable pages would look like works of art on a mirrored dressing table or pretty pouf.

30: County Fair Field Notes 3-Pack ($10): Show off your state pride with this County Fair notepad collection from Field Notes. Each pack highlights one state and comes in the colors of 1st-3rd place County Fair ribbons. What great state would you celebrate?

31. Potato Chip Memos (roughly $13): Snackers beware: these potato chips are not for consumption! This sticky note set comes packaged in a regal red snack pack worthy for the desk of Mr. Potato Head.

32. My Aqua Notes ($7): The magic continues in the world of waterproofing with this wonderful shower-safe notepad! If your jaw just dropped, we’ll give you a second to close it ;) Don’t let the shower stifle your thoughts – or fun – any longer!

33. High Five Sticky Note ($4): If your co-worker needs a little pick-me-up, then tell her she’s a champ on these encouraging sticky notes. This high five notepad is sure to turn any frown upside down, unless you decide check the awkward “OK Person” box.

34. iMemo Sticky Notepad ($15): Obsessed with your smartphone, even when you can’t go online? Then check out this iMemo notepad. We’re big believers in managing your time using a balance of on- and offline tools, and this notepad is a fun nod to that mindset.

35. Band Aid Type Memo ($2): Ripping off a bandage never felt so good! These delightful sticky pads come in three different sizes perfect for supporting thoughts of both minor or major proportions.

Bonus! My Desk (price upon request): This sleek desk IS a notepad! Now there’s plenty of room to record it all: from frivolous thoughts to epic doodles.

Do you use notepads to record your thoughts or do you keep it all digital? Are you a fan of sticky notes or do you prefer bound pages? Tell us in the comments below.