It’s no secret that we’re in the midst of a full-blown ‘90s fashion comeback. There’s no shortage of styles to choose from: Crop tops be creepin’, snapbacks are sitting pretty on top of fly girls’ heads and denim is delivering on all fronts. Cool, but mostly sojokey retro that its usually best left on that “Rad or Bad?” Pinterest board. So what’s a modern gal to do when she just wants to pop her jean jacket collar, a’ight? Answer: Shop Bow & Drape’s sophisticated summer clothing line, launching May 5.

The collection is an elegant mash-up of throwback-inspired pieces and clean, modern silhouettes. Each hand-selected garment is, of course, primed for personalization with sparkly appliques and, this time around, embroidered embellishments.

Your entire summer wardrobe is totally taken care of with this line — from glam fit-and-flare skirts to casual skater dresses and the comfy sweatshirts that stole our hearts in the first place. Plus, SO much more. Take a peek at our fave selects from the colossal collection below.

We reeled you in with the promise of crop tops, so we’ll deliver the goods: Bow & Drape’s sleek scuba-inspired half-tee. Don’t think twice about wearing it under a blazer (side note: those matching shorts? Swoon!), but it’s also ace on its own, especially with peek-a-boo ice cream cone embroidery!

If that adorable watermelon embellishment doesn’t have you craving some skater-chic style this season, then maybe the greasy promise of a sequined value meal patch will? It’s definitely a kooky way for a classy lady to show just how radical she can be. (I’m OBSESSED.)

Toss on a I Woke Up Like This snapback and call it a day — custom embroidery is a must here!

Stripes tie a lot of these pieces together, from flirty button-down maxi dresses to slouchy tanks and structured tops. The pattern is subtle enough that it won’t distract from the amazing appliques.

Other prints… not so much. But who cares when you’re decked out in dino?

Bow & Drape’s polished aesthetic radiates throughout this collection of haute basics: evidence that yes, you CAN wear playful, and even trendy pieces without sacrificing elegance. It’s hard to do, so we’re pumped that we have Bow & Drape to show us the way… then hand it over so we can bling it to bits! Word.

How do you balance trends and timeless style? Tell us in the comments below.