When it comes to Halloween, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars really go for it on the costume front (Heidi Klum we’re looking at you). Usually, we have to wait until the night after Hollow’s Eve to see what our favorite stars dressed up as but our investigative Instagram skills are giving us a pretty good idea of what Britney Spears is going to go as this year.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.23.34 AM

The singer and Vegas performer shared this mermaid-tastic snap with her sons a couple weeks ago and has since rocked the tail in two other photos. In one, Britney is teaching a mini-mermaid how to channel her inner Ariel and in another, she’s chilling with a fully-grown merman. Her obsession with the mythical creature doesn’t just stop there. She also tried out the mermaid-inspired hair trend: at both the Teen Choice Awards and VMAs, Britney rocked the red carpet sporting purple and blue locks.

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If you weren’t already planning on dressing up as Britney circa 1999 for Halloween, you can score your very own mermaid tail for $117 from Fin Fun Mermaid. However, if you’re into the costume idea but want something a little more walkable, we suggest you look to Lauren Conrad’s handmade mermaid costume for a more wearable option.

Are you going as a mermaid this Halloween? Share your plans with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @britneyspears and Jason Merritt/Getty)