The bulletin board is a time-honored tradition of organizational bliss. Whether you need a family command center for keeping track of the kids’ projects or a giant, real-life pinboard for a creative project, bulletin boards have moved way beyond that plain brown piece of cork. With a bit of paint, some fabric and a handful of stylish push pins, you can create a bulletin board that you won’t mind looking at. Obviously the perfect place to snoop for decor inspo is Instagram, and we’ve come across 16 that really caught our attention. From tiny DIYs for a dorm room to a full wall of wedding planning, these ideas will take that old corkboard to the next level.

1. Geometric Edges: Cut up a thin corkboard and then paint the edges with bright paint before mounting them on the wall. Whether it’s a pie shape, a hexagon or something completely random and geometric, the options are endless when it comes to designing your own bulletin board shape. (via @delineateyourdwelling)

2. Polka Dots: Covering your bulletin board in a fun pattern like little polka dots ensures your desk space always looks chic and well-styled. (via @alfiewildloves)

3. Pastel Blues: Soft blue corkboards blend seamlessly into an accent wall above the desk to create a feeling of cool, blue unity. (via @shift_interiors)

4. World Map Board: Satisfy your spirit of travel with this amazingly cool map board. Use it as a way to track your travels or just dream of faraway places while you sit at your desk and avoid your to-do lists. (via @easytigerco)

5. Hanging Bulletin Board: Lose the pins and go for a mini clothesline above your desk instead. We love that you can hang other things — like a cute airplant — in addition to images. (via @bupbupandbabble)

6. Like a Boss: Give yourself a little pat on the back every time you hang something on this mega clipboard. (via @westmeetssouth)

7. Wire Frame Board: If you don’t want to mount a bulletin board, just lean a section of wire frame behind your desk for an easy place to clip images, receipts and maybe even some cup storage for your pens and pencils. (via @marsala_design)

8. Bunny Memo: Who says a bulletin board has to be square? Or brown? This adorable round covered bunny-print one is uniquely awesome. (via @jayneslittlejourneysshop)

9. Mini Boards: Bigger boards don’t necessarily mean more inspiration. Even a tiny workspace benefits from a little corkboard to keep lists and notes tidy. (via @aurore)

10. Fruity Boards: That old brown corkboard color just doesn’t inspire us anymore, so why not paint it like a selection of cheery fruit above your desk? We can’t decide which fruit we love more, the watermelon or the kiwi. (via @ohquefofo)

11. Moodboard Inspiration: Talk about a mega inspiration board. If you’re planning a wedding or organizing a big project, sometimes it can be helpful to devote a whole wall to your inspiration so you can spot common themes and keep things unified. (via @laracaseyshop)

12. Asterisk Board: Keep things modern and minimal with this cool DIY project. Technically you could cut a corkboard into any shape you like, although the arms of the asterisk are a clever way to keep different projects or days organized. (via @delineateyourdwelling)

13. Color Blocked: Mix up your bulletin board with sections of cork and some chalkboard space for writing quick lists. We love the idea of hanging pencil cups on the board to free up more space on the desk. (via @jfongstyle)

14. Swag Board: Cover your bulletin board with any kind of fabric to give it a whole new makeover. Whether you choose rustic burlap or a brightly colored stripe, fabric is a fun way to mix things up without pulling out any paint. (via @laurenscape)

15. Clipboard Inspiration: There is something charmingly old school about using a real clipboard to hold up all your projects and ideas. Plus, you won’t have to put any pesky pin holes in your favorite images. (via @anikakunst)

16. Chevron Pattern: There’s nothing a little chevron can’t do to spiff up a workspace. All you’ll need is a bit of painters’ tape and your color of choice, and voila! A pretty board to hang all your pretty pics, quotes and reminders. (via @the_golden_octopus)

What is your favorite way to style your bulletin board? Share your ideas in the comments below!