Coming up with pretty ways to add a handmade touch to our desks and workspaces is kind of our thing, and we like to think of the pencil cup as a vase for all our pens and pencils. Whether you do a lot of sketching, writing or just make a lot of notes, we think those pencils deserve to be displayed. From lacy and feminine to metallic and industrial, get ready to show off your favorite writing tools with these 15 DIY pencil cup projects.

1. Rustic Pencil Holder: Bring the outdoors in through rustic design. Find a cool piece of wood, sand down the edges and make it into a functional decorative piece for any office. (via Strawberry Chic)

2. Triangular Storage: If you or your little one have enough pens and pencils to fill numerous pencil jars, try this cool geometric storage that mounts on your wall. (via Brit + Co)

3. Cork Board Holder: Guess how easy this is to make? Just glue a pile of cork board coasters together and then drill holes into the top. (via Design For Mankind)

4. Wood Pencil Holder: Stack some wood layers and then drill holes into it for this rustic holder. You could stain it for a natural look or paint it a fun color. (via Wholly Kao)

5. Pencil Cup: Whoa, a pencil cup made out of pencils! Wouldn’t this just make the perfect gift for a teacher? (via Brit + Co)

6. Patterned Pencil Cups: All you need to make this adorable holder is spray paint and a Sharpie! It’s so easy to make that you might want to DIY several holders in different colors. (via Make and Tell)

7. Cork Pencil Cups: What’s better than one pencil cup? A whole set of desk organizers! (via Petite Elefant)

8. Pop Up Pencil Holders: Going for a more retro look at your desk? These straw holders are normally found in diners, but we thought they’d be great as chic desk accessories. We just dressed them up with these three easy to execute ideas. (via Brit + Co)

9. Ombre Pen Cup: If you are wary of using plaster of Paris, don’t be! As long as the molds are watertight, everything will be okay. We promise. The light ombre look with the white plaster looks beautiful when grouped with one or two other handy little organizers. (via The Lovely Drawer)

10. Gold Pencil Holder: This sturdy set of cups can stand up to anything you need to store in it, no matter how many pair of scissors you keep in there. Not only does this holder help you stay organized, it instantly adds glam to your workspace. (via View from the Fridge)

11. Keyboard Pencil Jar: Head to the thrift store and grab an old keyboard to make this cool jar. It would make a perfect gift for any tech lover’s desk and we bet it would look pretty as a candle holder too. (via Maker Mama)

12. Striped Wool Pencil Jar: Get cozy with these colorful fuzzy wool jars! All you need to make any one of these is a soup can, felt, VELCRO and neon threads. (via Brit + Co)

13. Geometric Pencil Cup: If you’re not in the mood to drill or sew a big project, then you’ll love this super easy and awesome paper pencil jar! Paint it all one color or play with some neon color blocking on all the facets. (via Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)

14. Vintage Ball Jar: Paint a Mason jar a bright shade of paint and then scrape part of it off for a patina look. Fill it with a bouquet of yellow pencils for a classy teacher’s gift. (via 365ish Days of Pinterest)

15. Washi Tape: All you need are some soup cans and some washi tape to make these cute and modern pencil cups. Instead of covering the whole can, leave the top half clean for an industrial look. (via Trendenser)

Which desk accessories is your favorite? Do you keep your pens on your desk or tucked away in drawers? Talk to us in the comments below!