Those who are looking to get their daily java jolt in another way will appreciate this news: You can now get jacked on peanut butter.


Steem is an American brand of caffeinated peanut butter that recently launched. This product is made with natural ingredients, and a single serving has the same amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee. Steem promises a “steady release of energy” without the jitters.

The benefit of an emulsified product like this is that it’ll be good for people who dislike coffee because the bitterness upsets their tummies. It’s also a good way to get juiced without getting yellow teeth. It’d be great for situations where you don’t have the time or resources for coffee, especially when you’re traveling. Plus, think of the practical applications; PB&J just got nucking futz and peanut butter cookies are now going to have the power to get you through a long work day.


Steem is available in several East Coast stores, and you can order it online for around five bucks.

Would you swap your cuppa joe for this crazy product? Tell us in the comments!

(Image via Steem)