You’ve obviously seen her on TV, the cover of Vanity Fair and all over social media, but now she’s making her world debut… as a Simpsons character. Caitlyn Jenner has been breaking all kinds of barriers and this time, it’s into the world of animation. Alexsandro Palombo, an Italian contemporary artist and activist known for his tongue-in-cheek Simpsons-esque animations, gave Jenner the cartoon makeover and the results are pretty dang awesome.

Palombo illustrated Jenner’s now-iconic Vanity Fair cover and even re-imagines the former-Olympian as Homer’s love interest. Jenner looks stunning, even yellow all over. Our favorite from this photoset though is Jenner as Wonder Caitlyn, a champion for transgender rights.

Though there are currently no plans for Jenner to make an appearance on the longest running cartoon in America, we think there should be a petition started to make it happen. Get to it, people!

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