You’ve seen them in the movies and in your dreams — the princess’s bed draped in heavy embroidered cloth, the fairy’s cot surrounded by fluttering curtains and a romantic chaise swathed in sheer fabric. Canopy beds are beyond dreamy, but what if a fairy cottage isn’t exactly the look you’re going for in your bedroom? Here are 15 modern ways to use canopy beds in your bedroom.

1. Corner Sheers: If you’re not really wanting to cover up your bed in cloth, consider draping sheer curtains around the bed’s corners to give the illusion of a canopy. (via One Kings Lane)

2. Headboard Worthy: Trying to figure out how to use an adored piece of fabric? Grab some curtain rods and replace your headboard with it. (via Design Sponge)

3. Tied Canopy: Go for an airy feel with just a little bit of ribbon or string. (via Lonny)

4. Fabric-Less Canopy: Ditch the fabric, but keep the frame. You’ll end up with a very chic, very French look. (via Apartment Therapy)

5. Colored Canopy: Whether you buy it or DIY it, add some color to your canopy for a bed that’s perfect for reading and snuggling. (via The Design Files)

6. Fringe Canopy: Looking for a little boho for your bedroom? A fringe canopy will take you there. (via Hey Mishka)

7. Ceiling Canopy: So you’re dying for a canopy but don’t have room for the bed’s frame. Your solution is in the ceiling. (via Hello Sukio)

8. Starry Night: Doesn’t everyone want to fall asleep under the stars? Now you can every night by hanging a starry canopy over your bed. (via PB Teen)

9. Tapestry Canopy: Don’t stop at your pillows. Take that fabric all the way up over your whole bed. (via Mr. Kate)

10. Patterned Canopy: While white beds look crisp and clean, adding a patterned fabric canopy can bring the party to the bedroom. Bow chica wow. (via Lonny)

11. Lighted Canopy: It’s all about mood lighting, right? Achieve that style by making room for a small chandelier underneath your canopy. (via The Hunted Interior)

12. Gauzy Fabric: If you’re wanting more drape and less float, use a gauzy fabric for your canopy. The more yards, the better. (via An Indian Summer)

13. Contrasting Colors: Make your canopy pop by contrasting your fabric with your walls. Talk about a statement. (via HGTV)

14. Molding Covered Canopy: Create an expensive looking canopy with a few strips of molding around the tops of the curtains. (via Splendid Sass)

15. Kid’s Canopy: Don’t forget the kids. A stick and a thrifted curtain is all that’s required for the perfect rustic kid’s canopy. (via Remodelista)

Would you consider putting a canopy in your bedroom? Do you prefer rustic or romantic? Tell us below!