Bedroom makeovers can be intimidating. Eyes widen and heads shake at the prices of bedroom sets. Luckily, the age of mismatched furniture is upon us, and we can now create a collection of complementing wood, metal, color and pattern into a personal paradise without spending a fortune. Check out these 40 bedroom pieces under $100 to get your bedroom redesign restarted.

1. Floral Garden Side Table ($89): A bright nightstand is sure to have you waking up on the right side of the bed when the alarm goes off at 6am, right? We think so.

2. Right Angles Handwoven Rug ($24): No matter what color you’re going for, this rug will match. Not to mention, it will keep those toes warm on frosty mornings.

3. Geometric Lamp ($79): This gold lamp may be found in the kids section, but it’s surely pretty enough for your own desk or nightstand.

4. Concentric Metal Side Table ($69): This bronze looker is ready to rock your current stack of books and, heck, even match your iPhone case.

5. Kalei Curtain ($66): Floral designs add lots of color and a femininity to a room. So cover up those naked windows already!

6. Alra Owen Retro Desk ($63): The metal legs and oak top on this desk adds that touch of industrial style you’ve been looking for. That desktop just pines for a few bright trinkets.

7. Over-the-Door Vanity Station ($89): Don’t forget to add a place in your room to put on your lipstick. This over-the-door mirror makes the perfect out of the way spot to store makeup and apply it, too.

8. Sheer Cotton Bed Canopy ($99): We won’t blame you if you’d rather curl up under a romantic canopy with a good book all day than do anything else in the whole entire world.

9. Stockholm Nightstand ($99): A bit of yellow in a bedroom can make for a good visual surprise.

10. Perch Table Lamp ($89): This classic clear glass lamp promises to be your best friend and match your room, whether you paint it red or purple.

11. Romantic Floral Scarf Duvet Cover ($79): The painted flowers on this duvet are sure to make a statement in your bedroom and possibly make you feel like a Disney princess.

12. Factory Side Table ($59): If you’re short on space, try a dainty nightstand. It says storage without the bulk.

13. Aneboda Wardrobe ($99): Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have a bedroom closet, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t store our clothes in style. Give those blouses a home in this clean white wardrobe.

14. Oh Chair Rainbow Splatter ($60): Let us know if you figure out how to DIY this guy.

15. Malm 3 Drawer Chest ($80): While the Malm chest is a smooth classic piece for your bedroom, it’s also so stinkin’ hackable it’s not even funny.

16. Assembly Home Triangle Side Table ($98): This little table is so simple and is just the right size for holding your morning coffee.

17. Sigurd Bench ($79): More seating never hurt anyone. Especially when you’re trying to close those favorite tiny buckle shoes and hold a baby and your phone at the same time.

18. Taj Wall Mirror ($64): Bring a little Moroccan-inspired spice into your decor with this ornately trimmed mirror.

19. Lappljung Ruta Rug ($80): This black and white pattern is sweeping the nation and with good cause. It’s a classic, people.

20. Belnick Computer Desk ($70): Such a simply designed desk can’t fail to show off your iMac and whatever else you place on top.

21. Hemnes Nightstand ($70): This nightstand is the perfect combination of storage and space saver. Did we mention it comes in five different colors?

22. Juliet Headboard ($89): No, that isn’t a decal. That headboard is made of metal, and it’s elegant swirled design is reminiscent of an old French gate.

23. Industrial Task Table Lamp ($50): More and more often, these classic desk lamps are showing up on bedside tables. It makes sense, though, that you’d want your light on your book and not your sleeping partner.

24. Geo-Tile Vanity Mirror ($68): You’ll definitely feel like a princess looking into this ornate looking glass.

25. Cookie Collection Nightstand ($91): Simple is as simple does, and boy does it do it good.

26. Eva Colored Glass Table Lamp ($99): While it would be easy to use these gorgeous table lamps in the living room, steal them for your own nightstand.

27. Rolling Clothing Rack ($89): Some clothes are just too pretty to put away. Display your fine fabrics on this steel clothing rack for all to see.

28. Selje Nightstand ($30): When in doubt, choose blue. Blue is always the best color.

29. Koppang 3 Drawer Chest ($99): A white chest will go with anything. And just think about all the pretty Anthropologie knobs you could use to dress it up.

30. Space Age Table Lamp ($74): Doesn’t this lamp say midcentury to you? It does to us. Especially when it’s in bright orange.

31. Assembly Home Adele Chevron Duvet Cover ($69): Chevron, arrows, whatever you want to call them, this duvet cover is perfect for summer naps and winter snuggling.

32. Chevron Bone Side Table ($99): Yes, it’s another chevron piece. But how cool is that light and dark bone pattern?

33. Wire Basket ($85): Just imagine this basket heaping with pillows, fluffy blankets or your favorite magazines. We think we need one now, too.

34. Lack Side Table ($10): You just can’t beat the price and opportunity of this side table. Whether using the original or hacking your own piece, it will gladly accommodate your books and earrings at night.

35. Modern Handmade Lamp ($55): Add this soft accent light to give your room a romantic setting. With string and glue, maybe you can even make one yourself.

36. Acrylic Bed Tray ($80): Sometimes, you just need breakfast in bed. And you can’t do that without a trusty tray.

37. Spool Side Table ($98): Of all the minty gloriousness! This nightstand is probably the cutest we’ve ever seen.

38. Geodesic Table Lamp ($99): We love geo yes we do. We love geo, how about you?

39. Micke Desk ($50): Buy it, paint it, contact paper it, put some color on that desk and it will steal the show in your bedroom.

40. DIY Geometric Headboard: Maybe you’re in the mood for a little DIY. Here’s a headboard you can make under $100. (via Apartment Therapy)

What is your favorite bedroom piece? Would you rather buy or DIY your bedroom pieces? Tell us below!