Curtains are such a bother. When they’re the right tone and length, they look great. But if you pick the wrong ones, it’s disastrous. But before you head back to the store for another style, why not just make your own? Don’t worry, you won’t need a sewing machine for these! Get ready for 12 creative, no-sew curtains that will glam up your windows in no time, no sewing skills required.

1. The Basics: This tutorial is for your basic drapes. Grab some sweet patterned fabric and get ready to make iron-on adhesive your new best friend. (via Glitter and Goat Cheese)

2. Tab Top: With some scissors and ribbon, these gorgeous multicolor striped curtains can grace your bedroom in no time. (via BHG)

3. Dotty Twine: Don’t despair over your simple white curtains. Use some twine and glue to get them up to snuff. (via Four Generations One Roof)

4. Roman Shades: There is no reason to leave your tired, old blinds un-pretty. Add some patterned fabric for a bold statement in any room. (via BHG)

5. Two Toned: Remember that iron-on adhesive from earlier? Bring it back out and make these lovely two-toned drapes in any colors you love for a serious statement. (via Style Me Pretty)

6. Suspender Shade: OMG, we just melted. How adorable are those suspenders?! Simply perfect for any nursery or kid’s room. (via Apartment Therapy)

7. Blackout Curtains: Speaking of nurseries, give your lovey the good sleep he needs with this easy solution for blackout curtains, minus the bucks. (via Maison de Pax)

8. Clip-On Rings: Tablecloth? Extra napkins? Pretty bed sheet? Turn them into curtains with these clip-on rings. Totally genius, we know. (via Designing Character)

9. Painted Stripes: Wait… you can paint curtains? Yep, and they look just as fab as anything you’d find at the store. (via View Along The Way)

10. Drop Cloth Curtains: If you’re thinking that you can’t afford full blown curtains in your favorite fabric, buy a little bit of it and supplement the rest with a neutral and affordable drop cloth. (via The Golden Sycamore)

11. Tablecloth Valance: If you like curtains but love that sunshine, try cutting a tablecloth in half to make a lovely valance. It essentially lets you have your cake and eat it, too! (via BHG)

12. No-Sew Ruffles: Whaaaaaaat! You can buy ruffled fabric? Head to the store now and you can have a new living room in just a few hours! (via Thrifty and Chic)

Are you up for crafting some new no-sew curtains, or will you be heading to the store? Tell us what you’re thinking in the comments below!