You already know how to throw the ultimate Mardi Gras party, so why not expand the Carnival celebration a bit this year? Around the world, you’ll encounter a host of different foods and traditions with one common theme: FUN. Get in the festive spirit with these 14 delicious dishes. Complete with a generous helping of fried foods and other indulgent creations, you’ll definitely have a good time going global.


1. Bourani: You’ll instantly be transported to the sunny shores of Greece when you tuck into this seafood and sausage paella-style casserole. (via Gourmet Traveller)

Brazilian Cachaca Chicken Kebabs

2. Brazilian Cachaça Chicken Kebabs: Rio’s Carnaval is all about street food so you can keep the festivities moving. Espetinhos — essentially all kinds of skewered, grilled meat — and hot dogs reign supreme. (via Weber)


3. Prinjolata: At once gaudy and gloriously gooey, this decadent Maltese cake is a fun creation that kids (or anyone with a serious sweet tooth) will love. (via The Red Bistro)


4. Frappe: These crisp, fried strips of dough go by several different names in Italy — sfrappole, cenci, chiacchiere, angel wings. But beyond the Italian border, you’ll find variations of this classic Carnival treat in France, Spain and a slew of other countries. (via An Italian in My Kitchen)

Mini Cherry-Filled Paczki

5. Mini Cherry-Filled Paczki: Who could say no to these Polish donut holes? Folks in Germany agree that you should totally get in on the jelly-filled fritter action. (via Yammie’s Noshery)

Rye Blini

6. Rye Blini: Pancakes are a pretty big deal on Shrove Tuesday, and these savory blini fit the bill beautifully. (via Katie at the Kitchen Door)

Pescado Zarandeado

7. Pescado Zarandeado: Saucy, spicy barbecued snapper is a favorite dish enjoyed in Mexico. Just add a few margaritas to really get the party started. (via 360 West Magazine)

Sweet Milk Pie

8. Sweet Milk Pie: Greece also knows how to keep things sweet during Carnival (and Easter) with this custard pie baked in a flaky phyllo crust. (via Amateur Cook Professional Eater)

Canadian Beavertails

9. Canadian Beavertails: Don’t worry, no beavers were harmed in the making of these cinnamon- and sugar-dusted fry breads. To wash it all down in true Québécois-style, we recommend a glass of Caribou. (via My Square Frying Pan)


10. Doubles: Curried chickpeas and chutney fill turmeric-spiced fried bread to make this specialty from Trinidad and Tobago. (via Tastes Spicy)

Oysters With Orange, Candied Onion and Mint Mignonette

11. Oysters With Orange, Candied Onion and Mint Mignonette: Just add a few flutes of Champagne for the full Belgian breakfast experience. (via Saveur)


12. Castagnole (Vegan): Scented with orange zest and spiked with rum, these sweet fritters are a nice treat to indulge in once a year. (via Vegandare)

Shrimp Vuelve a la Vida

13. Shrimp Vuelve a la Vida: This Mexican twist on shrimp cocktail will help “return [you] to life” if you’ve overindulged during the festival. (via The Wall Street Journal)

King Cake

14. King Cake: Mardi Gras wouldn’t be complete without a slice of this yeasted cake. Find the tiny baby figurine (or, in this case, a pig) baked within, and you’ll inherit a very important task: Next year’s party is to be hosted by you. (via Bon Appétit)

Do you celebrate Carnival? Share your traditions and recipes with us in the comments!