You may not be able to jet off on a Greek getaway any time soon, but these 20 Grecian recipes are sure to make you feel like a goddess in your own kitchen, no airfare or passport required. Go ahead and treat yourself to any one of these tempting recipes for everything from appetizers to dessert. Not enough culture for you? Then you’ll definitely want to give the DIY Greek yogurt a go (see what we did there?).

1. Savory Pastitsio Cups: Love lasagna? Try this individual-size Greek twist! (via Figs & Feta)

2. Fassolatha: This hearty soup is the national dish of Greece. Quite a ringing endorsement, no? (via Lemon and Olives)

3. Dolmades (Vegetarian, Gluten-free): These grape leaves are stuffed with an herbacious pine nut- and current-studded rice filling — perfect served as a light meal or appetizer. (via My Darling Lemon Thyme)

4. Tzatziki: Dollop this versatile cucumber-yogurt sauce atop salads or meat, or serve it as you would any creamy dip. (via HuffPost)

5. Loukoumades: There’s no need to wait ’til the New Year to fry up a batch of these tasty honey donuts. (via Aφrodite’s Kitchen)

6. Soutzoukakia: These meatballs cooked in a warm cinnamon-spiced tomato sauce are delicious paired with potatoes or rice. (via Souvlaki for the Soul)

7. New Greek Salad: Enjoy this dill and crouton-enhanced take on a perennial favorite. (via Martha Stewart)

8. Rustic Eggplant Moussaka: A layered labor of love that’s totally worth all the effort. (via Feasting at Home)

9. Easy Traditional Greek Gyros: Traditional AND easy? It’s a wrap! (Literally.) (via Half Baked Harvest)

10. DIY Greek Yogurt: Enjoy this DIY project by the spoonful or in any number of tasty recipes. (via Serious Eats)

11. Roast Pumpkin and Feta Croquettes (Kroketes Kolokitha): Fried balls of cheesy pumpkin goodness are a tasty way to usher in autumn with a touch of Grecian flair. (via Greek Vegetarian)

12. Kleftiko: These slow-cooked lamb shanks are delicious topped with a dollop of cool tzatziki. (via TALERKA)

13. Melomakarona: Soaking shortbread in a honey syrup transforms the cookies into a pudding-like delight. (via Adventures in Cooking)

14. Taramasalata: This indulgent, colorful dip combines milk-soaked bread with aromatics and roe. (via Under the Andalusian Sun)

15. Pita: There’s not much better than homemade bread still warm from a blast in the oven; these puffy flatbreads are no exception! (via House of Bakes)

16. Spanikopita: Flaky pastry enrobes a cheesey spinach filling to create a classic Greek appetizer. (via Heather Christo)

17. Strapsatsada: Scramble up these eggs cooked in a fresh tomato sauce for a delicious breakfast or dinner! (via C’est Si Bon MD)

18. Mushroom Seitan Gyros (Vegetarian): Well-seasoned mushrooms and seitan combine to create a satisfying meat-like filling for gyros. (via A Better Happier St. Sebastian)

19. Ouzo Lemonade: A splash of anise-y Ouzo adds a kick to this refreshing honey-sweetened mint lemonade. (via Lemon and Olives)

20. Cyprus Macaroons (Ergolavi): Finely grated orange zest lends a bright note to these sweet almond cookies. (via Aφrodite’s Kitchen)

What’s your go-to Grecian dish, whether you make it at home or order it at a favorite restaurant? Let’s chat in the comments!