Pancakes, we sure do love ’em whether they’re savory or stacked sky high. What makes them even better, and even more intriguing is the sheer number of regional varieties that exist and just how far back they go in our civilization’s history. (We’re talking, all the way back to prehistoric days — so that makes all pancakes paleo, right? No, not how that works? Darn, it was worth a shot.) Let’s explore the globe together with this roundup of 25 pancake recipes that prove it’s a small, round world after all!

1. Maple Buttermilk Pancakes: Aww yeah, these buttermilk beauties just scream ‘merica! (via Food and Wine)

2. Injera: This typically gluten-free Ethiopian flatbread/pancake is loaded with whole grain goodness courtesy of a nutty-flavored nutritional powerhouse, teff. (P.S. This recipe includes a bit of sourdough starter, so gluten-avoiders steer clear.) (via Wild Greens and Sardines)

3. Pannekoek: Spritzed with lemon juice and topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, these South African pancakes are just about irresistible. (via Tara’s Multicultural Table)

4. Malaysian Banana Pancake With Lemon Coconut Curd: Whip up a batch to transport yourself using just your imagination to the [very real] Banana Pancake Trail. (via Rasa Malaysia)

5. Uttapam: These savory Indian pancakes (or pizzas, depending on who you talk to) are unbelievably tasty served with coriander chutney for dipping. (via tumeric n’spice)

6. 9-layer Scallion Pancakes: Made with a similar technique to that used for creating flaky croissants, these aromatic pancakes are a tasty savory snack. (via The Woks of Life)

7. Serabi Beras (Indonesian Rice Pancakes): These traditional Indonesian pancakes are loaded with tropical flavor inside and out, and happen to be naturally vegan. (via J’s Kitchen)

8. Okonomiyaki: Skewing toward the fritter end of the pancake spectrum, this one-dish, veggie-packed meal is native to Japan. (via Just One Cookbook)

9. Hobak Jeon: Who wouldn’t love to dig into a plateful of these Korean zucchini pancakes? (via Gastronomy Blog)

10. Alebele: Filled with coconut and jaggery, these sweet pancakes native to Goa gain their incredibly vibrant hue from food coloring. (via Masala Herb)

11. Banh Xeo: We’re dying to try these lacy, crispy crepes from Vietnam. (via Bon Appétit)

12. Palačinky (Czech Pancakes): Instead of getting folded like French crepes, this Czech version is simply spread with jam and rolled. (via Little Food Lover)

13. Aebleskivers: There’s no need to wait until Christmas to make these filled pancakes! (via Radmegan)

14. German Apple Pancake: Tired of all the pies and crisps come mid-fall? Turn to this family-style pancake to use up a few apples still about. (via Barefeet in the Kitchen)

15. Crepe: A classic that needs nary an introduction. (via Gourmet Kitchen Tales)

16. Langos: Fans of fried dough or funnel cakes at the state fair will swoon for these Hungarian treats. (via Logrerie)

17. Scotch Pancakes: Extra sugar, egg and baking powder make these Scotch pancakes, um, extra delish. (via The Wanderlust Kitchen)

18. Classic Pancakes: Celebrate Shrove Tuesday (a much tamer version of Mardi Gras) with this recipe for classic English pancakes. (via Lyle’s Golden Syrup)

19. Current, Honey and Walnut Pancakes (Tiganites): According to some, these Greek flapjacks were the first pancakes EVER created. (via SBS)

20. Merquen and Rosemary Farinata: Packed with protein and a few drops of healthy fat, this is a popular breakfast or snack food in parts of Italy and France, where it’s known by the name socca. (via Food52)

21. Buckwheat Blinis: Pass around these Russian pancakes topped with caviar or smoked salmon at your next New Year’s Eve bash! (via Honestly Yum)

22. Raggmunk: You know we love a good potato pancake. (via SBS)

23. Pork Belly and Cheese Jalapeño Cachapas: Why serve your bacon on the side when it can be stuffed inside a pliable Venezuelan corn cake along with cheese? (via Food52)

24. Pikelets: Known as silver dollar pancakes or even drop scones outside of Australia, these petite pancakes are a terrific teatime treat. (via Eat Little Bird)

25. Newfoundland Toutons: Fresh bread dough fried up in pork fat creates a hearty pancake that stands up well to pure maple syrup or a drizzle of assertive molasses. (via The Moose is Loose)

Which of these pancakes have you already tried? Most interested in experimenting with next? Let us know below!