There’s nothing quite like chillin’ with your BFFs (see these celeb BFFS for inspo), soaking up some sun and sipping on fine $6 wine (see what we did there?) or imbibing in the hottest new blue vino trend. But what if your crew happens to be busy and you’re left with no one to indulge with sans your trusted (albeit furry) companion?

Welp, as it turns out, Denver-based Apollo Peak has your answer. Next time you find yourself hangin’ with the cat, there’s absolutely no reason that you and your feline friend shouldn’t have a grand old time. Allow us to introduce you to cat wine! Uh-huh, wine for cats! Described as a “non-alcoholic, catnip-based feline snack wine,” even the most refined kitten is sure to love Pinot Meow ($5 per tasting/$12 per bottle). Or perhaps the lovingly crafted MosCATo is more their speed?

Started in 2015 by cat lovers/cat wine aficionados in the Rocky Mountains, Apollo Peak uses “all-natural ingredients sourced from local farmers and shops,” so there’s no need to worry about any harmful kitty side effects. “100% of our ingredients (with the exception of our water) is sourced from local farmers in central Colorado — in the foothills of the Front Range Mountains,” says the company site.

These ingredients include fresh organic catnip grown in the Pacific Northwest and fresh, all-natural and organic beets grown in the US, which make it a perfectly delightful indulgence for your four-legged BFFs.

Between this and the cat bar that may soon be open for business, we think we may have found our new perma drinking buds. Just sayin’.

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(h/t Mashable, photos via @apollopeak)