Blue wine (yes, blue wine) may be blowing us away with its WTF-ness, but now we鈥檙e as stunned to find out that one of the highest ranked wines in the world is actually sold at 鈥 wait for it 鈥 Walmart. And not only that, wine party people: This now world-renowned wine will only cost you a measly $6.


The Chilean red wine, La Moneda Reserva鈥檚 Malbec, took home Platinum Best in Show at the Decanter World Wine Awards this year, where over 200 experts blind-tasted each variety in the international competition. Described as a 鈥渄eep purple color with violet tints, rounded and velvety tannins, complex plum, fig, and strawberry flavors and excellent length,鈥 it鈥檚 definitely one to add to the wine list.

Currently not available in US stores, you can order it from Walmart鈥檚 UK-based grocery brand, Asda. Be prepared for a wait, as the platinum prize has resulted in a sell-out, so you鈥檒l need to wait until the next shipment before getting your own bottle. Cheers!

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(h/t Pop Sugar, photos via La Moneda Reserva, Izabela Habur/Getty)