Assuming you’re human, you sleep. We all do. Most of us probably cherish those precious hours under the sheets, and the harder you work, the more you enjoy it. Some of the hardest workers we know happen to be celebrities. With rehearsals, sound checks, PR events and premieres, they are busy with a capital “B.” Like everyone else, they’ve got to sleep at some point. And you’d better believe they do it in style. Take a look at these 11 beautiful celeb bedrooms that take relaxation to a whole other level.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker: SJP wanted her weekend retreat to be all about comfort. We think she succeeded. (via Elle Decor)

2. Jennifer Aniston: Jen actually sold her modern NYC apartment, but we really hope she kept that bright orange bedding. (via PopSugar)

3. Meg Ryan: In Meg’s bedroom we find such simplicity and style. Not to mention we’re totally crushing on that purple bedspread. (via Elle Decor)

4. Robert Pattinson: There is absolutely nothing sparkly about this ex-vamp’s Hacienda-style bedroom. All manly here. (via PopSugar)

5. Keri Russell: It’s simple. It’s classic. It’s totally Keri Russell. (via Elle Decor)

6. James Marsden: We’re all over this mid-century home recently purchased by the actor. It’s just amazing how he packs in all that color with such flair. (via PopSugar)

7. Bobby Flay: This celebrity chef needed to find a place that wasn’t quite so “bachelor pad” when he met his wife. We think this rustic-style Hamptons home will do just fine. (via Elle Decor)

8. Sofia Coppola: This cozy bedroom looks perfect for curling up with a book on rainy days. And we’ll bet Sofia probably does that often. (via PopSugar)

9. Gisele Bündchen: We wouldn’t mind having a sleepover with Gisele. And with that view? #swoon (via PopSugar)

10. Anne Hathaway: Light and bright, Hathaway’s bedroom sure is a lovely place. We’re especially digging the curvy bench at the base of the bed. (via PopSugar)

11. Kourtney Kardashian: Okay, that neon sign above the bed? Only a Kardashian would think of that. (via PopSugar)

What is your favorite celebrity bedroom? Show us below!