Never one to shy away from the limelight, Kourtney Kardashian knows how to make a statement, and her home is no exception. With a dramatic black and white color palette, lots of bright colors and gold accents, this all-glam home is exactly what we were hoping for from one of our favorite drama mamas.

In a formal dining room turned music room, Kourtney showcases the antique grand piano her mother passed down to her. The black and white chairs were also from her parents’ home. She just had them redone to fit into the chic decor. We love how she incorporated black and white stripes on the ceiling and down the walls. Part of the charm of this room is how kid-friendly it feels, from the bold color accents like the hot pink chaise Kourtney snagged from Khloe to the big abstract painting and the black and white teepee. Also, did anyone notice the tiny pink piano? Too perfect!

While we can’t make your mom give you her piano, we can tell you where to get some of the other cool pieces. This uni pendant ($1400) makes a statement above while the black and white pouf ($150) maintains the glam at floor level. Do you have little ones running around? Charm them with this striped teepee ($160).

The living room showcases a more boho than Wonderland vibe. Kourtney wanted a relaxing space where the family could hang out and watch movies. The sleek metal chairs evoke classic ’60s style, while the ultra-modern sofa balances the room. A generous heap of throw pillows and faux fur blankets makes this room completely chic while still cozy and completely family friendly.

If you want the exact look and are willing to drop the big bucks, pick up a pair of Lawson Fenning chairs ($4,300) and treat yourself to a faux fur throw from West Elm ($120). For sheer dark gray chevron curtains ($40), Urban Outfitters had got you covered.

This sophisticated breakfast room shows off a black glass table and funky chairs which were originally from Kourtney’s father. The sleek black and gold chandelier serves as a focal point and pulls all of the colors together while the chevron blinds are the same curtains that are used in the family room creating a sense of pattern continuity.

Kourtney based her whole kitchen decor around those gorgeous gold pendant lights. She decided to go with taupe cabinets and all gold hardware. The area above the cabinets can be a hard place to decorate, especially if you don’t own a huge collection of decorative dishes, but we like how Kourtney uses patterned wallpaper and a few metallic pieces to draw the eye upward, while keeping it from feeling cluttered. The gilt gold framed mirror hung at an angle above the stove adds drama and reflects the chic Tom Dixon pendants.

Instead of redoing your whole kitchen, just lighten it up with gold pendant lights ($385) and some easy to install gold hardware knobs ($12). If you are as in love with that checkered teapot as we are, you can get the exact same one from Mackenzie-Childs ($100).

Kourtney certainly knows how to rock the black and white patterns! The horizontal stripes on the wall make the room appear larger, the checkered coffee table was a vintage find and the chevron rug somehow manages not to overwhelm the room. Kourtney told her decorator she wanted the room to have an Alice In Wonderland sort of charm with lots of bright colors to keep things whimsical.

While nothing takes the place of a vintage steal, you can get a similar checkered coffee table ($246) with little stools that pull out for extra seating. Hang multiple globe pendant lights ($100) from your ceiling to make the room look taller, set up a pair of stylish black wingback chairs ($650) and then start painting some stripes!

Only Kourtney Kardashian can put a neon sign above her bed and totally pull it off! The combination of patterns, textures and shapes create a chic retreat in the glamorous master bedroom. The wallpaper creates a sense of luxury and provides the backdrop for the bronze, platinum and black color palette.

With the kids’ rooms, Kourtney opted to fly solo and decorated the rooms without any help from her decorator. Penelope’s feminine pink room turned into her favorite room in the house with the boho feel and pretty colorful accents like that teal bead chandelier. She wanted the playroom to be more of a mess where the kids could do whatever they wanted. The wall is painted with chalkboard paint and there are surf boards mounted on the ceiling, while the black and white striped rug is still very Kourtney, but fun enough for the kids.

Depending on what room you’re putting it in, you could go very casual or very sleek with this bead chandelier ($270) or even try making your own! Rugs from Ikea like this Broken Stripe Rug ($250) are perfect for kids rooms because they take wear and tear well and are fun and colorful. Kourtney talks about how important it is to have organization for all the toys and we love her LEGO storage compartments ($8).

Kourtney refinished her dad’s old desk for the library. All the books used to belong to her parents as well. She took all the dust covers off of them and rearranged them by color. She claims it took forever but is obsessed with the look achieved. The funky geometric chairs were vintage finds from an ’80s Mercedes dealership and the modern zebra rug pulls the black-and-white theme through from the rest of the house.

What do you think of Kourtney’s “Alice In Wonderland” vibe? Are you inspired to go bold with that bright color you’ve been debating? Talk to us in the comments below!

(h/t InStyle)