We define our hair by its length. It鈥檚 long or it鈥檚 short (or it鈥檚 very short). When you鈥檙e at the point of literally measuring it, it鈥檚 safe to say you鈥檙e committed to the cut. So once you鈥檝e chosen to stick with your current length 鈥 or set your sights on a new hair benchmark 鈥 what鈥檚 next is making that style feel fresh, a task that we鈥檝e asked San Francisco hairstylist Korina Stratton to help with. Here, she expertly suggests tips for restyling your signature length, along with the celebrities who best rep the same locks for added inspiration. Find out who your famous hair length muse is below!

If you have super short hair and want to stay super short

Try: Re-styling your bangs.

Your celebrity hair muse: Jennifer Hudson


Even though you have to have your locks trimmed regularly to maintain pixie perfection, try holding back on the bang trim till the next time around. That extra length up front will give you more styling wiggle room. After getting more creative with your 鈥榙o, it might even lead you to riskier cuts when you *do* eventually tighten up that fringe.

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If you have short hair and want to stay short

Try: Changing the color and playing with texture.

Your celebrity hair muse: Kristen Wiig


Switching up your color entirely will (obviously) make you feel 鈥 and look! 鈥 like a whole new you without inviting scissors to the party. If you鈥檙e blonde, richen it up for the winter with shades like chocolate brown or deep reds, or brighten your dark tresses with balayage highlights. But if color is too much of a commitment, play with texture. Adding volume with waves or straightening to paper-thin styles are both big for chin-length hair.

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If you have long hair and want to go short

Try: The long bob.

Your celebrity hair muse: Kate Bosworth


We鈥檝e seen nearly every long-locked celebrity choose this cut when they make the decision to chop it off. So why is the lob so popular? While it does remove bulk and weight, the shoulder-sweeping cut maintains the face shape you鈥檙e used to seeing day in and day out, keeping your confidence high and making the transition to short-hair life much easier. Plus, there are endless ways to style it.

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If you have long hair and want to stay long

Try: Adding layers.

Your celebrity hair muse: Blake Lively


Boost the body and silhouette of your mane with long layers 鈥 鈥70s shags are back 鈥 or even cut bangs to completely change your look without altering the length one bit. If scissors are totally out of the question, make your blow dryer your P.I.C. because blowouts are back in.

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If you want a haircut with bangs

Try: Long and piecey fringe.

Your celebrity hair muse: Emma Stone


Bangs are a major commitment that require near constant styling (a flatiron, gel and dry shampoo are must-haves), but don鈥檛 stop flirting with fringe entirely. This season鈥檚 most popular way to wear it 鈥 long, piecey and side-swept 鈥 is relatively low-maintenance and won鈥檛 appear as greasy as quickly as a short, blunt fringe.

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Who do you consider your hair length muse? Tell us which celebs鈥 locks you go gaga for in the comments below.

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