We have a slight problem with some things in life, like long hair. We love it, we want it, but we are always getting trims and it鈥檚 like we鈥檙e back to lob status once again. A fab status, but still. The only people in our lives who can maintain and rock long locks, are our uber glam coworker who always has flawless blowouts and celebs. With their glam squads and expert detanglers, we are forever ogling their mile-long manes. Here are 10 of our favorite celebrities that said yes to long, luscious hair and have gotten it totally right. Use this as inspo for your next cut. Or instead of it.

1. Lauren Conrad: This bride-to-be has hair so long that she鈥檚 written a style book about it. Her secret? She swears by ample moisturization. (via Style Noted)

2. Lea Michele: A beautiful voice, tremendous acting skills and fabulous hair? This powerhouse鈥檚 hair features a preppy聽fringe that is simply modern and retro. (via Be Hairstyles)

3. Jennifer Lopez: How we wish we could bump into Jenny from the block to exchange hair secrets! Her caramel highlights are to die for, and her hair never looks knotted or tangled. (via Socialite Life)

4. Kendall Jenner: This budding Kardashian family member is partially known for her gorgeous, straight locks. Apparently, she doesn鈥檛 do anything but brush it after it air dries. If only we were that lucky. (via Hair Next)

5. Amanda Seyfried: Mamma Mia! This natural beauty鈥檚 hair is one of our favorite examples of how long layers can be super complementary to any face shape. (via We Heart It)

6. Beyonc茅: A mane fit for a queen, Bey鈥檚 long, luscious locks look good, um, yes all the time. (via Entertainment Wise)

7. Miley Cyrus: Before her tongue wagging days, Miley was just another everyday teen sensation. She sported these gorgeous mermaid waves way before she had the sport blond 鈥榙o she does now. (Hairstyles Weekly)

8. Rihanna: Undoubtedly, this pop princess looked her very best in this red ensemble. But we always adore her long waves that bring out her facial structure, no matter what she鈥檚 wearing. (via Hair Color Mag)

9. Demi Moore: This ageless beauty looks magnificent with long hair, thick hair. The French swear by length to keep 鈥檈m guessing about your age. That must be why this 50-something stunner doesn鈥檛 look a day over 30. (via Because I Am Fabulous)

10. Nicole Scherzinger: It鈥檚 like she never has a single split end. Soo jealous. (image via Pop Sugar)

Which celeb do you think rocks long hair the best? Do you have any tips on maintaining healthy, long hair? Comment below and share your secrets!