If you’re anything like us, the decision to keep your locks long or chop them off is heavily influenced by the hairdos of your celebrity girl crushes. And if that famous squeeze happens to be Lauren Conrad, then the announcement that she chopped off her tresses for the first time in years probably made it official: you’re getting a bob. But even though Lo’s transformation looked effortless over Insta, there’s more that goes into the long-to-short transition than meets the eye, especially if, like LC, you’ve been rocking a below-the-shoulder ‘do for a while. So before you get too scissor happy, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepped for the new short-haired you, pre-big reveal. That’s why we asked San Francisco-based hairstylist Korina Stratton everything you need to know before you flash Lauren’s selfie to your stylist.

So it seems like everyone is getting a bob these days. What’s the number one thing girls with long hair need to know from a styling point of view before they chop off their locks?

Before getting the chop, you need to be mentally prepared and try and visualize what you are getting into. You need to be prepared to take on the responsibility of the extra bit of work that goes along with styling shorter hair. You can no longer throw your hair up in a ponytail when you’re feeling lazy! Also, just because your hair is shorter now, doesn’t mean you’ve lost your femininity. You are showing others another side of your personality and sass! Confidence is key.

What should girls expect when they walk into a salon and show their stylist a pic of Lauren Conrad’s short hair?

A photo of a celebrity is a great reference, but women need to know that they are never going to look exactly like Lauren or whoever else’s hair they desire. Girls with thin hair will definitely need to put more effort into this style with a blow out first, adding thickening creme, styling curls or waves, then hairspray to keep the style. Finally, they can achieve the texture with some teasing with a comb. Thick haired gals should have no problem with this look. They may need some weight (thickness) removed during the haircut so they don’t end up with a poofy, chunky look. Curly haired gals will definitely need some help with tips from their stylists as far as relaxing their natural curls and taming the frizz.

How exactly would you describe this look and what would you do to achieve it on a client with similar hair?

This look is sexy, a more modern version of the bob. It is a great way to get rid of some of your tired length without committing to a short bob. It’s also a great length for versatile styling. You can wear it sleek, smooth and sexy or pump it up with some waves, styling creme, sea salt spray and added texture. Talking the client through the styling process is extremely helpful. Educating them about different products to use to achieve this look is necessary for the gals who have no idea how to style.

So how can girls get their hair looking perfectly kinked at home? What products and tools should they use?

Curl creme, styling creme, sea salt spray, and a light weight texturizing spray are key. To get the texture, you’ll need a one-inch barrel curling iron or wand, which is a hot tool where you wrap the hair around the barrel without the clasp to achieve waves rather than curls.

What are your three favorite ways to style a long bob? Say, on the weekend, for work and for a night out?

On the weekend, waves and texture. For work, smooth and straight with body. And for a night out, it might be sexy to have it blown out!

What’s one product every girl with a long bob simply cannot live without?


And finally, how often should you visit your stylist to keep the length cropped?

Every 8-10 weeks.

Now do you feel prepped to chop it off? Tell us in the comments below.

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