Have you been swooning over chalkboards at cafes or weddings, or on Pinterest? From chalkboard paint home decor and coffee shop menus to chalkboard wedding ideas , the inspiring craft is everywhere. If you鈥檝e been wanting to create your own piece of chalky art, you鈥檝e come to the right place. We have a new online class that鈥檚 perfect for those who love chalk art as much as we do.


We teamed up with chalkboard artist Valerie McKeehan of chalk art stationery brand Lily & Val . She鈥檚 here to teach you the tips and tricks to working with her favorite form of lettering. And don鈥檛 worry! Good handwriting is not needed here.



In this beginner course , you鈥檒l start by exploring various chalk-lettering techniques. Valerie will also show you methods for adding elements to your design to make it stand out.

In this hour-long course, you鈥檒l learn how to:

Valerie鈥檚 online class will leave you equipped with a new set of skills to help create your own style in chalk. Plus, you鈥檒l hand draw an inspirational piece of chalkboard art that applies your new skills. And better yet, it will double as a new piece of decor for your home!


We鈥檙e making it super easy for you to get started, thanks to our companion supply kit for the class. The Chalk Lettering Kit ($29) includes a chalkboard, chalk, a felt eraser, a microfiber cleaning cloth and more! And if you buy the online class and kit together, you鈥檒l enjoy 15 percent off the bundle . Woot woot!


Need more convincing? Check out a few of Valerie鈥檚 designs below.

Do you love hand lettering as much as us? Then try out other lettering techniques, like calligraphy , brush calligraphy and hand lettering today. And if you need more hand-lettering inspo, make sure to follow the聽50 Days of Lettering Challenge and join in on the fun after you鈥檝e learned all of your chalk-lettering skills! ;)

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