Any skateboarders out there? This one’s for you. It may be time to update your current ride with one that’s not only stylish, but energy efficient. The Chargeboard is a longboard that charges your phone without the need for cords. Oh, and it plays music.

Thanks to two 6-volt dynamos in the rear axles, when you skate, that energy is converted into electricity and stored in the battery. That’s right; to get your charge on, you just have to do what you do anyway. You just have to skate. With one hour of cruising stored in the battery, you can charge your phone.

To charge your iPhone, forget about cords. Just pop your device into the built-in port in the base of the board. We’re a tiny bit bummed that this feature is only compatible with the 4 and 4s, but if you have a newer version or a non-iPhone, you can plug in via a USB port.

Now that our phone is on its way to getting juiced up, how about some music? Speakers are built into the bottom of the board. If you’re in a public space where jamming out is best done privately, there’s an audio jack for your headphones.

This project is on Kickstarter now for your funding pleasure. With a $450 donation you can be one of the first people to own a Chargeboard. The goods are expected to start shipping next summer.

Would you cruise to charge? Let us know what you think about the Chargeboard in the comments!