Why pair with one audio device when you can stream the content of six? ClipR is the circular transceiver that connects your 3.5 mm jack headphones with more Bluetooth-compatible devices than you can count on one hand. Everything from your laptop to your phone, even your karaoke machine is fair game, and you can do it all with your free-with-iPhone-purchase earbuds. Truth.

ClipR is about the size of a button you’d pin to your jean jacket. It’s light enough to clip to your workout tank, but durable enough to clasp to your snowboarding suit. The barely-there gadget basically transforms your wired headphones into wireless ones, and performs the cord-defying magic without compromising its sound quality in the slightest, so it claims. That’s pretty huge considering that traditionally, Bluetooth-streamed audio is notoriously compressed to static-y, low-fi smithereens. While hardcore Audiophiles are always better off plugging in, the rest of us can delight in ClipR’s New York Times-endorsed “astonishingly good” sound quality wherever we may roam up to distances of 30 feet.

With built-in controls on the front and side of the rubber-coated device, you can switch tracks and adjust volume with as much effort as you’d use to click a mouse. You can even answer and respond to phone calls with ClipR: It’s equipped with a built-in sound cancelling microphone that keeps your convos hands-free. What’s even more convenient? ClipR boasts a reliable eight hours of playtime per charge, which can get you through an entire workday whether you’re on your feet, behind a desk or both.

The price tag is as small as the device: $40 a pop — that’s serious value in a world where the average high-quality wireless headphone hovers around $200. Look’s like our shiny white freebie earbuds don’t have to worry about getting replaced anytime soon.

But what about you? Would you “upgrade” your current headphones with ClipR? Tell us in the comments below.