The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is upon us. No, I’m not talking about all the bells ringing and snowy streets and eggnog flowing. I’m talking stocking stuffers gone weird: It’s White Elephant gifts season! While it’s always fun to receive a goofy present, shelling out the LOL-worthy finds at the office Christmas party or family get-together is really what the holidays are all about for us. That’s why we’ll be bringing you the best of the best of White Elephant gift ideas all season long.

Knowing that, I need you to understand that the internet is a deep, black hole of wacky gadget weirdness (and I mean that in the best way possible). You can find insane things in all kinds of price ranges, but you can get a lot of the good stuff for under $15! So, we put together a list of the best buys on the cheap — think: the most unique stocking stuffers ever. Lets get weird!


1. Bacon Candy Canes ($8): Make your Christmas a bacon-flavored Christmas.


2. The Hungover Cookbook by Milton Crawford ($10): You’ll be needing this after all that eggnog. Best part is the recipes, like British-inspired breakfast burgers and the quintessential Bloody Mary, are surprisingly dope!


3. Bubble Wrap Calendar ($10): Try not to pop the whole year in a day — we dare you.


4. Kiki Sciullo Boogie Bites ($12): It’s like your hors d’oeuvres are partying with you!


5. Peek-A-Boo Guess Who Party Glasses ($12): Its like Kanye glasses and an emoji had a baby, and that baby wants to party.


6. Diamond Bottle Opener ($14): Pop bottles with some big bling.

scented Belgian waffle

7. Scented Belgian Waffle Coin Purse ($9): Leslie Knope would be jealous of this *scented* coin purse (or, lbh, probably already has one).


8. 3D Color Drawing Pad and Markers ($6): Bring your grocery list to a whole other dimension.


9. Text Me Nail Decals ($15): You can finally wear the nail polish emoji on your nails. Dream. Come. True.

10. Electronics Cleaning Putty ($10): This will be the most coveted gift of your office White Elephant exchange!


11. Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags ($10): All the joys of a grilled cheese with non of the mess (Bonus: they’re reusable!)


12. Painless Piercings ($6): Live out your punk rock teenage dreams with zero commitment.


13. Cocktail Grow Kit ($12): Never drink a nude cocktail ever again. All of your favorite aromatics, like thyme, lavender, Thai basil, mint and more get their start in one cute lil egg carton so you can grow your own garnishes.


14. Pizza Slicer Fork ($5): Skip the knife, enjoy your slice.


15. Cats Enough for Now Wine Stopper ($12): This cat looks like it’s trying to drink your wine, but it’s really keeping it fresh for you. Awww.


16. Neon Tissue Paper Brooch ($10): If colds had any fashion sense, they would rock these little pins.


17. Grow Your Own Hairy Beaver ($7): While the name might not be exactly HR-friendly, this updated Chia Pet is adorable enough to take up some desk space. Cutest cube-mate ever?


18. Constructible Drinking Straw ($14): Is it weird to feel like a kid again while sipping on your favorite cocktail? Nope. This straw is just that rad.


19. Cone Kitty Air Freshener ($4): Commutes can be bitter. Make them bitter sweet with this poor li’l feline.


20. Heart Shaped Valentime Mousepad ($13): This mousepad will raise eyebrows in the office, start some gigglefests and, most importantly, show some love.


21. Salami Notes ($14): Write your to-do list on one of these while making a sandwich (just don’t put the list in your sandwich).

image1xxl (1)

22. Stick On Beard 3 Pack ($11): Turn your bf into a lumbersexual like that.


23. Seed Money ($13): Nope, money still doesn’t grow on trees, but throw these coins in some soil and watch your favorite herbs grow!


24. Kitty Egg Mold ($10): Breakfast: The cat lady way.


25. Handerpants ($12): Straight up: These are underpants for your hands. As goofy as they are, they will keep your hands extra warm under gloves. Hilarity and function all in one!


26. Alma Otter Tape Dispenser ($15): Everything about this guy is cute! That face will make any bad day at the office much better.


27. Xiamoi Flexible USB Fan ($10): Keep cool while online power shopping.


28. Kitten Bandages ($5): These are so cute, you’ll start calling cuts “boo boos” again.

What’s the best/worst White Elephant you’ve received/been stuck with? Tell us in the comments!