If you HEART fiery hot poppers and other smokin’ hot jalapeño recipes, you must love where Frito-Lay has been going with some of the latest flavor combos. If Flamin’ Hot Ranch or Flamin’ Hot Limon aren’t spicy enough to inflame your senses, you can always spring for the XXtra Flamin’ Hot. Or maybe you prefer a spicy puff that’s heavy on the CHEESE? Cheddar Jalapeño could be calling your name. And then there’s the originals that started this whole cheese puff extravaganza — some fans believe you can’t improve on the original. Here’s where we think all the flavors fall on the taste continuum, ranked from bracing to blissful.

10. Chicken: Who doesn’t love chicken? But can faux chicken flavor in a cheese puff really translate? It’s the sheer novelty factor that makes us willing to give it a try.

9. XXtra Flamin’ Hot: Unless you’re the type to BYOS (bring your own Sriracha), the double-hot flavor of these puffs might be a bit extreme. But for those who love to set fire to your taste buds, you’ll go through this bag like a hot knife through butter.

8. Flamin’ Hot: The original Flamin’s win the prize for most often used in a food hybrid recipe. Looks like someone’s preparing to make some XXtra hot street corn, Cheetos-style. Now that’s a party we’d like to attend!

7. Flamin’ Hot Limon: Jalapeño-lime is a classic pairing. This intriguing flavor combo could go down easy as a tall, cool jalapeño margarita.

6. Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch: Everyone’s fave ranch dip + flamin’ hot Cheetos = a tantalizing flavor bomb. Is it total genius or 100-percent fusion confusion? It ranks in the middle because everyone’s taste is different and this could fall either way.

5. Cheddar Jalapeño: Who doesn’t HEART jalapeño poppers? Some fans love this flavor combo so much, they match their makeup to the bag. Now that’s an inspiring taste!

4. XXtra Cheesy Mix: For those who love cheese more than their S.O., this is the flavor for you. You need this in your life RIGHT NOW.

3. Ketchup: If there’s anything better on crunchy snacks than Ketchup, we haven’t seen it. This flavor gives the others a run for the money. And fur babies everywhere second that vote.

2. Original Crunchy: You really can’t go wrong with the original crunchy Cheetos. One bite into that crispy, cheesy goodness and your tastebuds will transport you to salty-snack paradise.

1. Original Puffs: Remember your first bite into an original Cheetos Cheese Puff? It was like biting into a fluffy pillow of cheesy goodness that had you floating on a cloud. Yeah, it was that good!

In case anyone’s wondering what happens when a Cheetos aficionado doesn’t get their fix… the “hangries” come calling, and things might get ugly.

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