If you’re a gal who’s constantly on the go or just someone who really likes carry-on-sized anything, it’s so very important to have a Mary Poppins-like bag of all the bits and bobs you might need. Sure, you probably already have all the super necessary beauty essentials in your purse, but your condiments stash might be missing a little pizzazz. If Sriracha is your fave hot sauce ever (and it probably is — even Kylie Jenner is a fan) we’ve got great news.


Sriracha2Go is now making to-go packets of everyone’s favorite bottle of hot sauce — and we gotta say, it’s really a genius creation of a product. They’re also the same guys behind that handy keychain bottle of the hot sauce that made Sriracha lovers everywhere rejoice a little while back. Unfortunately, these handy little packets are only available in the US.

But we’ve got our fingers crossed that these will be stocked the world over, because what’s a bowl of pho without this delicious hot sauce? Until then, head over to Sriracha2Go’s site to order a pack of 50 for $15 or a pack of 200 of $35.

This is what you need to spice up your life.

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(Photo via Sriracha2Go)