Seven years after the second Sex and the City movie hit theaters (and 13 years after the final episode aired on HBO), we’re still learning new things about Carrie Bradshaw and her friends. First, Sarah Jessica Parker said she found Carrie to be “childish,” and then SATC author Candace Bushnell said OTP Carrie and Mr. Big would not have ended up together in real life. Some fans are still holding out hope for a third movie to check in on where the ladies are now, but Chris Noth, for one, is not here to play Mr. Big anymore.

Chris Noth on Mr Big, Sex and the City

Speaking with Us Weekly at the Manhunt: Unabomber premiere in NYC, Noth simply said, “I feel like we told that story.” He continued, “I don’t think there’s anything left for me to say about that. I want to tell other stories.”

While he wants to move on from the role of the suave, mysterious love interest, he “accepts” that the fans love Mr. Big — whom he played in all six seasons of the show and two follow-up movies — even if he doesn’t quite get it. “The thing that I don’t understand is the idea of Mr. Big because — he wasn’t the guy that got away. They were always dance partners. Sometimes they went away for a little while and she had a bunch of other guys and he got married,” he told Us Weekly.

While we wait to hear how this will affect any possible revival plans (hopefully, not at all), please relive the glory days with this A+ SATC Instagram account.

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(Photo via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for CNN)