Even while watching Christina Aguilera play Heads Up with Ellen (NAILING her covers of Adele and Rihanna’s latest hits btw), we couldn’t stop admiring her striking straight bob. Girlfriend’s style has been fire recently, including that incredible lavender pierced braid she rocked on The Voice not long ago. Her blonde bob, though, might be her best look to date.

Is it a bob? Is it a lob? Is it anything other than totally amazing? With her super straight locks back to platinum blonde (edging on the wildly trendy icy blonde), her hair is significantly shorter in the pic she posted to her Instagram account. Anyone else getting a strong Jane from Daria vibe — but platinum instead of black?

Showing The Voice star in a white blazer and with intense, dark eye makeup and a posed hand showing off intricate rings, the entire look is on-point and fabulous. But… that… hair. With a side-part, partially tucked behind her ear and oh-so-sleek, it’s absolute pin-straight perfection.

This new style comes right after Christina stunned in a chic black suit that totally stayed on brand with the celeb’s classic style, but put a definitely masculine spin on it. With a fitted suit and dark tie that matched her dark lips and dark nails, hair pulled back and an intense stare, it was a look that can’t be ignored.

Keep slaying that classic chameleon style, girl!

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(Photos via Jason Kempin/Getty + @xtina)